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When A Man's in Love
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by BetoMetroDos

May 6, 2014
20 of 20 episodes seen
Overall 5.0
Story 2.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 3.5
As far as drama goes, this one is not to be confused with hybrid action/rom/coms or any other standard fare we drama addicts tune in to view. This is a creature of a whole different nature. It seemed the writers were intent upon carrying this cast in a specific, predictable direction, when, for whatever reason, reasons unknown to themselves I'd imagine, they (very late in the game) caught their bearings and salvaged what redeeming value could be wrought from this tale. The cast was great, aside from a few ill-conceived roles, or was it the actors cast in those roles; (I won't speculate). But, at times I wanted to -- no i DID -- scream, "WTF!?! I wouldn't stand for THAT!" But then again, I'm not carrying out the whims of directors, producers and writers who just want to get the production in the can. My initial impression was that this particular vicinity had a severe snake infestation problem (of the two-legged variety). And I surmised that if anyone was to get through this script unscathed, widespread de-snakeification with extreme prejudice would be necessary. Logical choices would have been to build tragic loss(es) into the story-line at some point so as to not lose the audience's emotional consonance with the lead characters. But as the story progressed, certain character deficiencies became less and less critical to the overall resolution of 'When A Man's In Love'. I can't say how I would have handled this if I had to wait week to week for each episode to be aired, but it was, in the final analysis, worth the twenty hour investment -- at any rate -- and gives several broad-stroke examples of the beauty of forgiveness. Forgiveness for certain persons who exhibit such irredeemable personality flaws that an abrupt writing out of the script, as a final option, may indeed be in order. Just a single character endured the length of the series, having suffered no credibility loss; though suffering repeated incidents of betrayal, deception and malfeasance from the people whom they had trusted most, for the longest time, for the most honorable of reasons; and for that small mercy, I AM grateful...
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