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3 Days
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by BetoMetroDos

May 6, 2014
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 7.5
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 7.0
I gave this drama very high marks (on my personal K-Drama Richter Scale) because it brought me to tangible emotional extremes that rarely occur to me. The story-line remained consistent, explanatory elements were sparsely introduced when needed and it never got boring; not a single frame was wasted. Kind of goes like this: The dedicated Agents of the Secret Service are tasked with protecting the VIP. Set as a counter balance to this, is the age-old lust for money and power. Politics is the arena chosen for this battle and persistence, patience, competence and trust are all tested to the breaking point as the results shake out. The main character was worthy of the viewer's trust throughout, and his inevitable Love interest, proved equally fit for the gig; (cute as she was tough, to boot). High stakes international political intrigue is a tricky genre because false-flag invasions, terrorist bomb plots, Presidential assassination attempts and shifty 'sinister' archetypes are easily scripted (within the drama realm) but risk being perceived as hokey tension building devises unless executed with deft articulation of means, motive and opportunity, which 'Three Days' polls off in spectacular fashion. The artfully crafted cast assembly (in my mind) makes this possible. I walked away from this drama satisfied that every intent of its creators came across as an unqualified success, with no dangling plot elements which were left curiously unresolved. The bad guy (we would all wish to 'get his in the end') held this anticipatory promise with spellbinding consistency. If you haven't seen it yet, do so. It's worth the time and, if you're a drama addict like myself, you'll be hoping for a sequel to this story. It's enough in and of itself to remain a one season series, but I'd like to see more. More of the story, cast ensemble and action design that 'Three Days' brought to the screen...
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