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Annyeong, ni hao :)

I am a Dramafan from Germany. I began watching Dramas in 2010. At first I watched only J-Dramas, but since 2012 I love Korean Dramas more. I mostly watch Korean Dramas because they doesn't have too many Episodes. I am also watching Chinese and Taiwanese Dramas, because they have a hand for good Melodramas, even though many could have lesser Episodes.

Many of my favourite Korean Dramas didn't do well in Korea, so I gave up to watch a drama because of the ratings.  

My favourite Genres:

Melodrama/Drama: I love it, because it is one of the most difficult Genres for Actors.

Romantic: The usual genre, right?

Crime/Action: The best of these dramas are OCN Dramas. I wished there would be OCN (or cable) Award shows, too... I mean they have so good dramas.

Saeguk (Korea): I have a love-hate Relationship with this. The Acting has to be good even though the Script is good.

Romantic-Comedy: I have a Love-Hate Relationship with rom-com, too.All of it has to be perfect so that I like such a drama.

Weekend Drama: Love-Hate Relationship, too. They have too many Episodes, but I am watching the ones from KBS.

My Favourite Actors and Actors I like (my lists): 

My favourite Actor is Yang Sejong. I love him since Duel, because he is one of the most talented Actors out there.  But because I have other favourite Actors I made lists with Actors I favor and like...

1. My favourite Actors. I will watch everything with them even though there are aspects I don't like. Exceptions could be daily dramas, Dramas with 50 Ep. (1 h/Ep.) and a genre I dislike. I try to watch their Dramas when they are airing and they mostly have the Priority "High"

2. Honestly, I don't know where exactly the difference to 1. is..I think its likely the same. Favourite Actors...But I don't try  every time to watch the dramas when they are airing. Priority "High" or "Medium"

3.  I like them and their acting and I plan to watch their works, but It could happen that I will skip              some scenes. Priority: "Medium"

4. Actors who are good, but I have to watch more projects. Priority: "Medium" or "Low"

5. Actors who have potenzial, but I have to watch more dramas with them. Most of them are unknown but I hope they get a little more recognition. Priority: "Medium" or "Low"

My opinion of Dramas I am watching:

A Pledge to God: I like the drama but...I don't know if 48 ep (24 hrs) aren't too many-.-

Children f Nobody: This drama is one of my favourites I am watching right now :)

Clean with Passion for now: It is very funny, maybe too funny for me but the Acting is excellent.

Encounter: I want to drop it but the Acting of the Main Actors is so good, I will finish it...I have a love-hat relationship with this drama...

Heart Surgeons: The Drama is good, the Cast is very good.

Memories of the Alhambra: My 2nd favourite Drama I am watching at the Moment. Hyun Bins Acting is so good *-*

My Strange Hero: The Story seems interesting, but why is it a revenge drama for Yoo Seungho again?

Priest: I am happy I did't watched "The Guest" before this.

SKY Castle: The Young Actors are sooo good, I like the Drama very much.

The Last Empress: I don't like Jang Nara, but Choi Jinhyuk is one of my faves, so I am watching this. The Story is...okay

Lists of "Dramas, I don't know if I will watch them":

There are many reasons possible:

- One of the Main Actors is on my Blacklist

- There are no subs to find

- The Plot seems not too interesting, but the Cast...

- Too many Episodes

My Rating System:

Honestly I'm not really interested in the Rating of a drama by other Watchers because I want to make me my own Picture of a drama.  For me, a good Drama must have: A Good Storyline and a Good Cast, the Main Characters need to have a good chemistry. If a drama has this, I decide how I rate the drama because of the ending, because many drama endings suck...

 10              Amazing! Story, Acting and chemistry are all excellent. I don't have anything to complain.

9-9.5         Perfect, but not Amazing

8-8.5         Very good Drama, but the Story isn't satisfying. Acting and Chemistry has to be very good.

7-7.5         The Drama was good, but the Story is lame (Hopefully the Actors were very good).

6-6.5          Okay,  It is good that it ended.

0-5.5         I'm out



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