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Annyeong, ni hao :)

I am a Dramafan from Germany. I began watching Dramas in 2010. At first I watched only J-Dramas, but since 2012 I love Korean Dramas more.

My favourite Dramas are from Korea, but I also like Taiwanese and Chinese (If they don't have too many eps.) Dramas. I don't know why but at the Moment I am in a K-Drama slump. I feel like all korean dramas are the same... So I am mostly watching Thai dramas for now.

My favourite Genres:

Melodrama/Drama: I love it, because it is one of the most difficult Genres for Actors.

Romantic: The usual genre, right?

Crime/Action: The best of these dramas are OCN Dramas. I wished there would be OCN (or cable) Award shows, too... I mean they have so good dramas.

Saeguk (Korea): I have a love-hate Relationship with this. The Acting AND the Script habe to nee Vera Good.

Romantic-Comedy: I have a Love-Hate Relationship with rom-com, too.All of it has to be perfect so that I like such a drama.

Weekend Drama/Daily Drama: Love-Hate Relationship, too. They have too many Episodes, but I am watching some of them. 

My Most Favourite Actors (Thailand):

                  Krist Perawat                                                          Tul Pakorn                                                           Tay Tawan

                 Singto Prachaya                                                Max Nattapol                                                New Thitipoom                                            

 Most favourite Actors (Korea) :

                      Yang Se Jong                                               Song Seung Heon                                         Woo Do Hwan

                                                                                                           Lee Jun Ho                                                    Ok Taec Yeon      

Most Favourite Actors (Other Countries):

                                            Luo Jin                                                                                                         Yamazaki Kento

                                          Wallace Huo                                                                                               Marcus Chang

Other Favourite Actors (Thailand):

My Favourite Korean Actors:

Very Good Korean Actors         Very Good Thai Actors

Good Korean Actors       Good Thai Actors

Good Korean Actors with Potential      Good Thai Actors with Potential                                          

Other Korean Actors         Other Thai Actors        

Favourite Idolactors                           

My Most favourite Thai Actresses:

Favourite Actresses (Korea):                                                           

More Favourite Thai Actresses                                                                  More Favourite Korean Actresses

Other Favourite Actors/Actresses (Taiwan/China)                        More Favourite Actors/Actresses (Japan)          


Favourite Korean Veteran Actors & Actresses                                 My Favourite Directors

My Favourite Screenwriters



Completed Thai Dramas (- until 2019)                                                   Completed Taiwanese Dramas (- until 2019)

Completed Japanese Dramas & Movies                                                Completed Chinese Dramas/Movies (- 2018)

Completed Korean Dramas (until 2007)                                               Completed Korean Dramas (2008-2010)

Completed Korean Dramas (2011-2013)                                             Completed Korean Dramas (2014-2015)

Completed Korean Dramas (2016-2017)                                             Completed Korean Dramas (2018)

Completed Korean Dramas (2019)                                                           

My favourite Couples (Top 3):

Thailand (BL):

1. Korn x Knock [Forever Nr. 1. These two are so adorable*-*]                

2. Pete x Kao                     

 3. Kongpob x Arthrit

Thailand (GBL):

under construction


Drama Endings:

I don't mind sad Endings. But there are aspects I don't like as endings. I don't mind if one Main Character dies, but I don't like it if a couple breaks up in the End and there isn't a important and understandable reason.

My Rating System:

I'm not really interested in the Rating of a drama by other Watchers because I want to make me my own Picture of a drama.  For me, a good Drama must have: A Good Storyline and a Good Cast, the Main Characters need to have a good chemistry. If a drama has this, I decide how I rate the drama because of the ending, because many drama endings suck... When there is a .5 Rating from me, I am satisfied with the Ending.

10                Amazing and Perfect. My favourite Dramas/Movies.

9-9,5          Almost Perfect, but not enough to be my favourites.

8-8,5          Very good Drama which I enjoyed.

7-7,5           The Drama was okay, but it had the potential to be better. 

6-6,5           Average, but I didn't enjoy it much.

5-5,5            Next Time I will do something more enjoyable in my freetime

0-4                Fail and  I'm out. Really really diappointing (I think I dropped it)


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