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Dubai, UAE


Dubai, UAE

Hello:)! My name is Venus14. I have been watch dramas since the age of 12. Besides watching dramas, I also love to watch Anime and read Manga. I have been watching Anime since I was 8.  I also love K POP.  Making Friends can also be one if it is considered a hobby.

My very first Korean Drama: Sassy go go! Cheer up

My first Chinese Drama: Put your head on my shoulders

My first Japanese drama: L❤️DK.                                              

My first Recommendation: Who are you? School 2015

Preference: Korean/Chinese/Japanese dramas.                                                                       

Likes: Mystery, College/High school Romances, Psychological thrillers and more

Dislikes: Weak FLs, Over-exaggerating MLs, Ridiculously dumb Police/Investigators, Annoying love rivals.............etc.........

Favourite Actors/Actresses: Lee Jong Suk, Kento Yamazaki, Suzy, Chae Soo Bin, Yoo Seung Ho, L, Cha                Eunwoo,  Shin Hye Sun, Zhang Yuxi 





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