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  • starting watching dramas in 2012
  • brilliant legacy (2009) was one of the first dramas i've watched.
  •  also a fan of kpop 

favorite drama so far: signal (2016)!! honestly this drama is has enough recognition but it still deserves more. i cannot express how much emotion and thought this drama has put in to. also lee je hoon is damn good looking in it ngl 

favorite genres: i'm a fan of crime and legal dramas. i know a lot of people are tired of legal dramas but its those dramas that make me want to watch more. it gets me hooked everytime. romantic comedy is another one of my favorites.

least favorite genres: historical and romance. historical dramas has to put me in the right places for me to like it. it's also one of the most emotional genres and i just don't like being sad HAHA. also romance, with out the comedy bit- romance is just boring to me. i like it when a romance drama has another side-plot not just someone falling in love with someone else or someone trying to get the guy/girl as the main plot.

It's hard to pick one fave but YANG SEJONG and WOO DO HWAN really stole my heart . the love of my life (they need to rise in the future)

i'm also a fan of japanese dramas and movies and i watch them from time to time.

favorite genre: school and crime japanese dramas/movies are definitely a fave of mine. anything related to school life or school romance will take me away. 

also actors like KENTO YAMAZAKI and MACKENYU stole my heart as well.

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i don't rate my dramas. please let me know through twitter/tumblr dm if you want a review on that drama i have completed.


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