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Cassie Marie

Clarksville, TN

Cassie Marie

Clarksville, TN

My name is Cassie and I'm a 24-years-old Kpop and Jrock/Visual Kei fan from Tennessee. 

In 2007, a close friend of mine sent me a music video of "Obscure" by Dir En Grey. He stated, "You probably won't like it and you'll probably think it's gross." when I didn't reply after a while, he got worried but I told him I was watching more music videos of the group and he was shocked. What can I say, I love Halloween and gory things. Die, Toshiya and Kaoru were my first Japanese biases. Now, I only have a Top 3 Japanese bias list of Gackt, Hyde (from Vamps and L'Arc En Ciel) and Miyavi.

In 2011, after moving back to Hawaii, I was on YouTube one day listening to more Japanese music then suddenly a music video called "Lucifer" by SHINee caught my attention. I listened to it and love it. Since 2011, before "Gangnam Style" came on the tv, I knew what Kpop was but I was very picky about things. 

In May 2015, I started picking up Kpop again before it was something "new" but "old" to me. With the help of my middle sister, she introduced me to a lot more groups and Kdramas. Now, I am very deep into Kpop and Kdrama that the pop music of the world sounds weird to me, it's so weird that I forgot the lyrics to a lot of pop songs I grew up on. My Kpop and Kdrama actor bias lists are too damn long.

As of late 2017, I am currently trying to get back into college so I can become a teacher, I would like to teach English in South Korea, China, and/or Japan someday. I'm fluent in English but I can speak some Korean and some Japanese as of this year (2017).


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