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goblin world


goblin world

                            Welcome to my page! 

                                                      I'm Cakeu (*^◡^*)

My favorite people! ^ I'm an EXO-L and Wannable with a side hint of Nctizen and Carat! Besides marathoning dramas I love to play the piano or paint in my spare time :)

For dramas I'm fine with anything really, as long as it has a good plot and decent acting, but I do have some preferences: 

  1. Supernatural (fave!)
  2. Horror/thriller  
  3. Time-traveling themed dramas (my Achilles heel)  
  4. Fluff (some romance will make me love the drama even more!)
  5. An original story plot! I enjoy unique plots.

If we have any similar favourite dramas/movies or tastes you should definitely hit me up with a recommendation! ♥
Feel free to add me! ^o^


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