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My name is Pia, I'm 23 and I started watching Japanese dramas in 2008.
After that, I quickly branched out to Korean dramas, and finally got into Kpop in 2015.

In dramas,

I like:

  • Bromance/friendship
  • Families
  • Well-written and unique characters
  • Well-paced plot

I dislike:

  • Romance (obviously I can somewhat live with this genre, otherwise I would have stopped watching Kdramas a long time ago)
  • Love triangles
  • Unhealthy relationships (including “cold/asshole male leads” and forced/contract marriages)

I'm also a big, big fan of Korean variety shows. There are a few I keep up with on a weekly basis, but mostly, I watch random episodes of variety shows when I need something light and without any obligations. (I'm sure you know the feeling of starting a drama and then feeling like you have to finish it so it doesn't rot on your Currently Watching list? I don't ever feel that way with variety shows, it's a joy.)

In Kpop,

I would have never expected it but I seem to collect more and more groups to keep up with. Despite the sheer amount of groups I like these days, my favorites are still very clearly:

#1: BTS

#2: Seventeen

#3: B.A.P

In real life,

I work as a true Kdrama-esque personal assistant, including the coffee runs and planning out every second of my boss' day. I go to university part-time and I'm also a single mom of two humans and two cats! (...Which may explain why I don't watch as many dramas as I used to.)

I get obsessed with hobbies very quickly, and I lose interest in them just as quickly. Some things I've (more or less successfully) dabbled in would be: Drawing, writing, sewing, playing the piano and guitar, photography, the saddest attempt of gardening in the world, blogging, vlogging, subbing, and many more.

I mainly stick to reading, learning Korean, and translating for Kpop fansites these days. They seem to be the only hobbies I can keep up with long-term.

I'm also an editor on MDL, so feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about writing articles on here.

Even if you're not planning to write any articles, feel free to send me a message! I'm always happy to talk about just about anything. (And I mean anything. I'm a talker, okay. :P)

The end. See you!


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