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Probably where the music is coming from...


Probably where the music is coming from...


Current favourites for different genres/themes below:

 for Comedy : Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

 for Romance : Oh My Venus, also Suspicious Partner (so cute!), Love O2O

 for Thriller / Horror : Strangers from Hell (OMG LOVE IT!), Todome no Kiss

 for OST: Strangers from Hell (all 4 songs are amazing and the ambient soundtrack is great for what is does!), Oh My Venus (just so sweet!), School 2015 (decent songs), Doctors (Sunflower)

Currently in love with Strangers from hell, its soundtrack, songs, writing, acting and plot! It does something that I feel very few shows portray so well!

Also, HIStory series still going strong, with each season seeing improvement! Hope this continues beyond 2019!

Side note: for whatever reason, my watchlist is currently a mess, with me watching way too many shows at once and not finishing those currently on hold, hopefully I’ll be able to tidy it back up at some point!


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