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Hi! I'm Kristina, from Serbia. Watching dramas is heaven for my eyes, my world of joy. I love everything about Asia, their culture, languge, traditional clothes, customs. It's a wonderful thing, you know ;) Also reading books and music(since I listen a few kpop bands, I love rock, pop, hard rock) are things that relax me and I simply enjoy in them.

My first wish it to travel the world, mostly Asia, and if it's possible to stay in Korea. Wish me luck on that guys!^^ Second wish is, since I simply adore little kids, to be kindergarten teacher or just teacher in school. They're pure, innocent and cute and it'll be my pleasure to guard and teach them. 

This was shorthly about me, if you have anything you're curious about, feel free to ask me^^

And now...

Let me tell you how I got into this a truly wonderful world called dramaland...


Jackie Chen has been my idol since childhood and still is and even though I had watched all of his movies I never got interested in that culture nor I paid attention to it. But, 4 years ago  this culture strucked me once again quite suddenly. I was watching anime ‘Mermaid Princess’on a TV with my lil bro from aunt, just to keep him company. But, then I somehow got interested in that anime and started searching it on google. I found it, watched it and got curious more and more about other animes. And then I found anime called ‘Itazura na kiss’ and in a comments down below I read that there’s a live version(drama) of this anime called ‘Playful kiss’. Mamma mia, when I found out about it, I immediately googled it and watched it. And guess what? Since then I got totally addicted to it, like a drug, but oh very beautiful drug.

My first dramas are: Playful kiss, Boys over flowers, City Hunter.

Favorite genres: Action, Historical, Romance( mature, real passioanate chemistry and kissing without all that cheesy stuffs, eyes open and "dead fish" kissing),  Revenge theme,Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Slice of life, Comedy.

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A touch of Korea together with my lovely chingu DreamingKoreanBallad ^_^

In love with Scarlet Heart





And this drama will always be in my heart... Personally, it was the Best drama of 2014!



~Female crush


Yes, it's Moon Chae Won

And to express my love for her, feel free to read this 


Male leads I dig in dramaland:(painful, angsty, protective man, a kind of man which when he loves you, loves you to the bones and nothing else matters for him. He doesn't care about anyone, anything and he only sees HER as his only safe heaven)
       Jung Shi Kyun, Doctor's son - Cruel city
       Jo Min Hyuk - Secret
       Kim Seung Yoo - The Princess Man
       Yoon Suh - Tree of Heaven
       Ha Kang Jae - Lovers
       Kang Ma Roo - Innocent Man
Female leads I dig in dramaland: (Strong, mature, independent, a woman who stands for herslef and who will do anything to protect the man she loves)
       Lee Se Ryung, Seo Eun Gi - The Princess Man, Innocent Man
       Kang Yoo Jung - Secret
       Empress Ki/ Nyang - Empress Ki
       Yoo Mi Joo - Lovers
       Gaya - Inspiring Generation


"The world is like a mirror. If you spit and curse at it, it will spit and curse back at you. But, if you laugh, I'm sure the world will follow and laugh with you too." - Doctor's son

I have few bands that I follow, I don't watch reaility shows, except for WGM If I found some couple likeable. 
Here are few Kpop bands I listen: CNBlue, EXO, Infinite, Vixx, Beast and 2NE1.
Solo singer that I simply ADORE - - - Ailee


All my love


WoohyunSungyeolLHoyaSunggyuDongwooSungjong Ken►N►Leo►Hongbin►Ravi►


That's it for now! Thanks for watching ;)





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