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From somewhere far north in Scotland.

I'm older that you think, so I tend to favour more mature and realistic dramas. Teenage or young adult fantasy characters (ie: the confident, kick a** sarcastic woman, and the cold, strong  but funny Alpha) do not swing it for me. 

My ratings.

  • I rate with my heart rather than with my head. If a show entertained me well, I will give it a high rating, even if the concept, plot or execution weren't original or high quality. The overall feel in my gut sways my mark giving.
  • I am now only completing series that deserve at least a 7. There are too many series I want to watch to waste time on something meh, so if a show hasn't grabbed me by episode 2 (unless I'm really torn), I will drop it without a care. A 7 is still a good mark for me.
  • Check out my notes on My Watchlist. I've put short comments on most series and movies.


My top favourite actors: the ones who make me check their past works, and probably sway me to watch every one of their future movies and dramas just because it's them. 

Kang Ha Neul

I watched him in Forgotten, Like for Likes, Midnight Runners, Twenty, The Girl's Ghost Story and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. The finesse, skill and sensitivity in his acting is stellar. He doesn't have to say a word to convey his feelings and make me empathize with his character: a subtle change in his voice, in his body language or on his face is all he does and yet he manages to express so much. His laugh makes me weak at the knees, and he has this innate gentle kindness which is hard to resist. A manly, classy, (very) handsome man and flawless actor, the best in my list. My top favourite: he blows me away every time.

Yang Se Jong

Watched him in Thirty but Seventeen, where he played a sweet, awkward and aloof character. In Duel, he portrays 3 characters with opposite personalities and he is incredible for all of them. He might still be a rookie in the business (not that it's obvious, as he amazed me in everything I watched), but I think he has huge potential so I am now actively following him. 

Kim Young Kwang

I watched him in Pinocchio and Sweet Stranger and Me. I think he has the potential to lead more serious and complex dramas than the light-hearted roles he's had so far. (Edit: job done with The Guardians. He's fab in here. I knew he could handle a darker role!). He always manages to make me feel for his character, with his unique, cute expressions, and he breathes each character he plays. Such a shame for him to be a huge jerk in real life.

Yoo Seung Ho

I watched him in I'm not a Robot and Remember: War of the Son. His acting looks effortless and he nails the emotional scenes. He can also deliver funny lines just as easily, and he has made lots of shows I want to watch. A convincing and exciting actor, the youngest in my list! 

Woo Do Hwan

For Sweet Stranger and Me.  His supporting role of a complex, wicked yet despairing character made me want to watch more of him. In Mad Dog, I loved how he portrayed a cool, fearless scammer. His potential and charisma are undeniable, and he's got this deep , sexy voice too...I still hope he'll get a great lead role one day, as it hasn't really happened yet.

Special mention: they have the phwoar factor

Lee Seung Gi

I completely fell for the hot headed, cheeky character he played in A Korean Odyssey, and I also loved him as a more mysterious, guarded policeman in You're all Surrounded. He might not be the best actor out there, but his acting is always so full of life I just can't resist him. And he's got a killer, KILLER smile. And killer looks. Cue huge fan girl mode.

Sung Hoon

Realistically, he isn't one of my favourite actors, as in the dramas I've watched (Faith, Noble, my love and I picked up a Star on the Road), his performance was okay, nothing to shout about. However, he is very very quite good looking. So sorry, not sorry, as my actor eye candy, I am following him.


My top favourite actresses: the ones I'm always happy to watch because I like their acting style and I have a soft spot for them.


She played in two of my favourite dramas: Moon Lovers, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and Hotel del Luna, and she blew me away. This actress has a innate sophistication, she is natural in showing different kind of emotions, and can portray multi-layered characters well. She lights up the screen every time she shows. A born actress, who has made very, very clever choices of shows to play in.

Gong Seung Yeon

This actress can be fantastic when she tones down her acting. Her outbursts didn't ring true in My Only Love Song, but when she needed to show vulnerability, she shone, the way she did in Circle. I am keeping an eye on her because once she finds the role that talks to her (so far, she hasn't played very complex characters), I think she'll truly blossom.  

Lastly, I think she is truly pretty, without being one of these cutesy Korean clones.

Jung So Min

I watched her in Twenty, The Smile has Left Your Eyes, Alice: Boy in Wonderland and Because this is my First Life. She shows a natural maturity without losing her girl next door freshness, sensitivity and likeability. She can handle difficult scenes without going all dramatic, and so far, had great chemistry with her co-stars.  Her acting is very restrained leaving the viewer to read within the lines, which is what I like.

Kim Ga Eun

I discovered her in I Picked up a Star on the Road. The plot was wacky, her character was not realistic...and yet I adored her. She could have appeared irritating or silly on paper, but she was instead fresh, bubbly, happy and charming. Her smile and expressions never failed to make me want to cheer for her. I then watched Because it's my First Life, and she still has that friendly, sunny girl-next-door vibe I love. She can also handle emotional scenes very well, which is impressive.

Aragaki Yui

For Zenkai Girl. Her character was so realistic, without any gimmick or crazy background and no unnecessary drama surrounding her. The simplicity and natural of the plot reflected in her down to earth acting. She has done a few other shows I want to watch, and I hope she'll be as natural and likeable in those.

Lee Yoo Bi

I particularly like her when she plays the feisty, bratty, cheeky girl, like she did in Twenty, and Pinocchio. She makes me smile and laugh with her funny expressions and seems to genuinely have a blast on screen. Her dynamism is contagious.


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