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I've been a K-pop fan since 2015

Started watching Asian Dramas since 2018

“Hope, in reality, is the worst of all evils.  Because it prolongs the torments of man" -Friedrich Nietzsche (Saw this quote from the Korean drama ‘Criminal Minds')

"Goodbyes are always so imperfect.
There's no such thing as a perfect goodbye.
That's why we're so scared of it.
And because we never imagined a terrifying goodbye,
It always ends up hurting us."
- When the Devil Calls Your Name

"When there's no heart, nothing can be seen,
and nothing can be heard.
Nothing can be tasted either."
 - (From the book 'Great Learning', chapter 7, in Korean Drama '100 Days My Prince')

"Do you know what's more desperate than saying 'I want to die'? ,
'I want to live.' "

- Ko Hyun-Jung (Hi! Bye, Mama)

"The truth doesn't require a lot of words, but no words are enough for a lie" - Friedrich Nietzsche (Got this quote from the Korean Drama 'Class of Lies' Said by An Byung-Ho)

"I don't have a specific goal in my life.
Do I...
have to have a goal?
Can't I just live my life without one?
I can't force myself to live for something I don't really desire."
- Yeom Chang Hee (My Liberation Notes)

"The moments when I dared to say everything would last forever. I loved living in that illusion." - Na Hee Do (Twenty-Five Twenty-One)

  • I was born on year 2004
  • Watch any type of Asian Dramas
  • Socially awkward; introvert
  • A kpop fan (mostly of groups under SM ENT)

 Question: How do I rate dramas?

Answer: Honestly, I don't have a rating scale or whatever you called it- I'll just think of a number up to 10, and eventually I'll write the first number that comes up to my mind and what feels right. (^_~)

I make edits  of dramas ^ ^ Youtube:


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