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Hi There... Thanks for stopping by to check out what Cinnamaroll is all about (that would be me). Yes, I chose this username after the cute Sanrio character Cinnamoroll, but I did the slight spelling difference since it's a name that is usually taken already when I sign up for websites. But let's talk about me. I'm a born and raised Chicagoan that stepped into the world of drama twelve years ago. 

In the beginning, even though I would randomly watch shows on KBS here (Korean Broadcasting Station) that may or may not have had subtitles, I just couldn't bring myself to be interested in K-dramas. Really, not dramas at all. The soap operas that air during the day here would come to mind, and I just didn't want any part of that. One friend that has been into Korean culture for a long time convinced me to watch "Protect the Boss" since I was a fan of Kim Jae Joong. It was the first drama I watched to completion, but didn't get me to bite. It wasn't until a friend of mine that is as avid an anime watcher as I am kept bugging me to watch shows with her simultaneously, like we did with anime, so she could have someone to talk to about them. 

After enduring "Hana Yori Dango" and "Itazura Kiss", I got her to recommend some shows I would actually enjoy since she was familiar with my tastes. It was "Rich Man, Poor Man" that eventually got me to bite. After a bit more drama soul-searching, I was finally rolling with the big dogs as far as recognizing actors and classic tropes. I've became permanent resident of Dramaworld with no foreseeable plans to leave.

Jae Shin does not approve of your shennanigans


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