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My Mister
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5 days ago
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
Okay, I quite literally just finished watching and I feel so warm and fuzzy inside that I'm going to write this right now even though it's 12:30 AM lol.

First things first: the story. From the first episode, it honestly grasps your attention and curiosity right away. Questions begin to flood you about Ji An's story, Dong Hoon's life, and generally the interpersonal relationships among everyone living in Hoogye. The entire drama ultimately leaves you desperate for a coalition of loving friends and family that will truly support and help you whenever you need it. And, although I'm quite the romantic and a large inkling of me wanted to see some romantic action, there were no drastic plot changes in the name of love. It was realistic, and that's just another central reason as to why I enjoyed My Mister so, so much. After just completing Goblin, I didn't feel good. The story seemed off, and I realize why now: because it was completely unrealistic, and not just because the main characters had magical powers. It was because the story really didn't make sense. It pulled the laws and realities of what is reasonable too far and made the relationships created across 20 episodes seem very fake. For My Mister, the relationships are real, run deep, and do not betray what real life can look like.

The acting was PHENOMENAL. Every actor/actress played their roles diligently, and I, never for a second while watching, did I question whether that was their real personality or one they took on. There was one scene with Ki and Sang Hoon, where Sang Hoon was unimpressed with magic tricks and Ki Hoon exasperatedly asked, "Why do you cry when you watch TV shows then? It's all just acting." My Mister, surely one of the best magic tricks I have ever seen, took my breath away. I think basically all of the characters that I originally found annoying grew on me by the end, which is really rare for me and TV shows lol. However, I was IN. LOVE. with IU throughout the whole show, and her relationships with her grandma, Kwang II, Ki Beom (only fault: I wish they expanded more on this relationship), Jung-Hee and duh Dong Hoon made me love those characters and their acting even more. I loved Dong Hoon's relationship with Team 3 and even the CEOs. I loved the acting in My Mister!

I didn't even question that the music would pull my heartstrings when IU is the main lead. The OST is gorgeous and the song choices for specific scenes and people fit very well. I don't know if I can say much more than that for the soundtrack, but just like everything else with My Mister, it was thoughtful and well done.

Overall, I really recommend that you watch this show, whether it's for specific actors, an enticing and unique story, or just to see a glimpse of what real humanity looks like. I guarantee this: you will feel good inside after watching. If you don't, my sincerest apologies lol that I took away 16x80 minutes of your life, but that's highly unlikely. It's a uplifting drama with great actors, great music, and a fantastic plot.

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11 days ago
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 7.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
There was a period that I stopped watching because Eun Tak's personality was unbearable, or her relationship with Kim Shin felt really forced and unnatural. Only towards the end did I begin to truly feel the impact that the two had made on each other, but maybe that is because all the actors started to cry in, like, every scene lol.

The arc with Park Woo Joon was really scary, because I quite literally can't stand any thriller, horror, or any deceased makeup lmao and turned the humorous-lightheartedness of the drama immediately into something darker. There was much more action in the last 4-5 episodes than the long buildup in the first 12 episodes, but you eventually understand what all those little moments meant in the end, which I guess is sort of rewarding.

In the end, my thoughts were sort of jumbled because the world didn't seem to have order. Many things happened that just didn't make sense according to information given or revealed beforehand. The last episode, especially, was really unbelievable because of what Goblin said about having the same face.

Ultimately, I thought the acting, humor, and touching aspects of Goblin were well done (also every person in this drama --except Park Woo Joon ew-- was very beautiful) but the development and execution of the story was not very well done. I watched this show because 1) my friend recommended it as it was his first kdrama, 2) it received critical claim after its release, and 3) GONG YOO, and I'm glad I did for those reasons. There are some scenes that are very, very quick, but for some reason it pulled on my heart and began to cry. Those moments, though, were never central to the main plot line and that may have been the problem. Basically, this drama wasn't fantastic per say and keep that in mind if you decide to watch.

**One last thing: the soundtrack was alright, but not impressive to other OST music I've heard. My favorite was "I miss you" but the others didn't really draw any emotion from me? Perhaps that is because my favorite drama right now is Scarlet Heart Ryeo and I fell in love so hard with both the drama and the music that I came into Goblin with the bar raised too high.

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