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I like dramas--what else do you need to know? Ok, maybe a bit.


He's my favorite person. I want a giant poster of him on my wall, stat. You want my other favorites? Check the side -> there's a list. 

My first drama was My Love From Another Star, I still have a fond place in my heart for it even though it's not a 10/10 now. I cannot stand Boys Over Flowers, but do try and give massively popular dramas a fair shot, regardless of mass fanbases or critical reviewers. I try not to watch dramas for the cast, choosing story and execution over anything--so it's a real treat when the three meet up.

I like any drama that knows what it wants to be and goes for it. That's confusing, I know, but you can tell when it happens. They all get a 10/10 and I have a list of them, also to the side. You want more on my rating system? Below. Are there any triggers that will make me drop a drama like a hot potato? Yes, mainly when the drama hero refuses to let the heroine make a decision on her own. Jerk Chaebols I can deal with if they change--overbearing I can't handle.

Rating System

1: This drama added negative value to my life. As in it detracted from my enjoyment of the universe. Don't be this drama. 

2: This is the 1 star dramas annoying boyfriend, who only gets a pass because they occasionally have a twinkly smile. I still avoid them whenever I can though and try to forget any memory of having met.

3: This drama made me question the intelligence of humanity. It wasn't an outright abomination, but I'd question my sanity if I finished it. 

4: We're entering the poor-but-understandable range. This drama had me shaking the screen in frustration a lot but it still had me there. Which in many ways is the worst, because you know it's bad but still haven't left yet. 

5: There is no drama that deserves a five. I don't even know what a five is. Do these dramas even exist?

6: You had one to many missteps to be worth it. One too many. Or a few. Honestly you weren't that great, but I didn't care enough about you to yell and didn't love you enough to stay invested. Basically, you were that one date I forgot about and didn't care to remember. Awkward. 

7: This is a solid watch. Worth it, but not really worth a re-watch. I can recommend a 7 star drama and not feel like I'm lying. 

8: You're above average, yay! You made me smile, gasp or sit up straighter enough times to garner some extra love.

9: The only reason you didn't get a 10 is because I don't want to hand those out willy nilly. You were practically perfect in every way, just not absolutely life changing. 

10: Sing the praises, light the fireworks, start up the orchestra and eat some raspberry chocolate. This drama has a picture saved to my desktop and a folder in my photos. Drama, I love you. You knew who you were and went for it, making me laugh, cry, and think along the way.


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