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Love asian culture, especially korean culture (mainly cause i'm currently studying it, but hey)~

I started off my drama life with Taiwanese dramas since I had quite a few Chinese friends growing up... But then I got sucked into Japanese dramas cause I love the language, and most of them are just absolutely hilarious to me (especially Hana Kimi...I keel over laughing every single time). Then I started watching Korean dramas because I started studying it, and still studying it (I want to work in Korea at some point, so listening to the language a lot is helpful)~ I've watched 2 Mainland China dramas, and couldn't stand the language nor the PAINFUL story I think I generally avoid those~ 

I couldn't even begin trying to figure out who my favorite actors/actresses are, but I generally have a weird thing of choosing the side character to like the most (Which is bad if you watch "You're Beautiful" and picked Jeremy T^T) but I have gotten a thing for Song Jae Rim recently, so there's that

As for genres... I tend to enjoy romantic comedies just because the awkward situations they come up with are hilarious, but I've also watched a few serious ones as well. Basic comedies in general are probably my favorite though~

My rating system:

10: Perfect. Even if there a small plot holes, it was definitely something I would watch again (and again)

8-9: Worth watching with slight nuisances in story or acting - could watch it again in the future~

6-7: Saw it once, probably not again due to either story or terrible acting

5-1: Not worth my time, and likely got progressively painful to watch

0: Either forgot to rate it, or the worst drama in the world. (Likely the 1st though, as I give every drama, no matter how terrible a 1 for someone attempting to make something, unless it's just been dropped. Then it's probably the worst drama in the world)


Random stuff about me: I do a lot of video editing, especially using korean and japanese music videos, and post them on youtube [username: Kynayu]

I do a lot of thing dealing with art such as drawing/painting, but I'm still working on the human aspect of it... faces and hands are a nightmare in and of itself. Love playing video games, especially RPG games, but I delve into other games as well. I play a lot of sports such as soccer, tennis, volleyball, swimming, dancing, and occasionally basketball.

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Youtube subtitles: XanXhi (3,5&6 are still active)


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