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Love O2O
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by Kar

Sep 10, 2016
30 of 30 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 3.0
In the first 10 chapters, I could have dropped it at any time. It's a cute drama, but has many annoying things. For example: I can not have less interest in what happens in the game. And at first they seem to be all day about it. Nor I am interested in hearing the thoughts of the main girl. The secondary characters are childish and do not contribute almost nothing. Everything in this drama seems so superficial. But... Gradually the simplicity of the drama conquered me. It is a modern drama without cliches, without melodramas, with almost no complications, which is appreciated! But is too idyllic, this bordering on fantasy. OMG! This is stupidly corny and full of sugar. Ultimately, I love the sweet. I can not deny it! I like how they use the cyber world to unite the protagonists, but in fact it was he who sought it. So there's a little trap on that. I liked that the protagonists, they never separated, never have a conflict. They are adorable all the time. The story and characters are traced to those of Boss and me, just change the place and how to meet, but otherwise follows the same pattern. But instead of food have online games. And so... Campus = office. Third brother = Big boss. No wonder share the same writer. Inevitably I have made many comparisons of a drama with the other. And for me Love 020 loses out. The cast: I do not understand why they chose to Zheng Shuang to play Bei Wei Wei. To start she was not physically for the character. She did not even puts his voice. The dubbed voice, it is so unpleasant, artificial, which spoils everything to me. The protagonist girl loses naturalness that she should never lose. And how unpleasant it is to hear your thoughts all the time, as to the girl protagonist of Boss and me but she was so funny, while this girl do not get at all. Or rather, the voiceover is the only who can not get. That's what I much hate! Worst! She is not able to properly respond to kisses! However, she is pretty. She is also a little smarter than Shan Shan. In the end I get used to her. If only they had not dubbed his voice. It would have been great! Xiao Nai is an exact copy of Feng Teng. They never lose. They are so frozen, with distant look, that is impossible to know they're thinking. No complaints on the performance of Yang Yang. He can be so quiet that not even blink. But he gives excellent kisses! unfortunately the girl squandered. Music: Music is not outstanding. It is well below that of other chinese dramas. At first I skipped the opening, but eventually I ended up enjoying the song. Rewatch: I never see this again. Or maybe I see only the end. I am very satisfied with the ending. Despite my negative comments. This has not been a bad trip. PS: They could not choose an uglier actor to represent Feng Teng? They could have simulated Zhang Han, even without showing his face. They finished with all the glamor the big boss!
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