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Hello, there! ^.^

A little about myself:

The Beginning

I started watching dramas during high school (starting sometime around 2008-2009) when I stumbled across an adaptation of Hana Yori Dango, a manga I'd been enjoying reading. I had enjoyed anime up until that point but found live-action to be more immersive.

The Surge

The very first dramas that really made an impression on me are Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and Devil Beside You. I really liked how different these shows were from Western TV shows, and thus my love was cemented.

The Interlude

Nowadays, I take longer breaks between watching dramas and am more particular about which ones I start to watch. There's just not as much time to spend on purely watching anymore, unfortunately. I drop dramas more easily now, whereas before I strongly resisted doing so even if I wasn't enjoying the drama. 


Here's how my extension on the MDL rating system goes:

the "Just... no. I can't even believe..." series

1: Serious issues with several of the characters' portrayals/actions.

2: Nonexistent story, badly scripted and executed plot interwoven with very annoying characters.

the "Why Do I Make Myself Sit Through This Nonsense?" series

3: Still contains elements from a 2 score, but is just slightly better in at least one aspect.

4: I probably fell asleep a few times while watching... nearly everything about this drama/movie is flat.

the "How Could You Fail Despite Such Initial Promise?" series

5: Started out good; went downhill faster than I could blink.

the "Meh. I Came, I Watched, I Move On." series

6: Just... okay. I knew where it was trying to lead me, but it just didn't get me there.

7: I liked it. I wasn't overly impressed, but for the most part, I enjoyed the ride.

the "Ah, Now That Was Refreshing." series

8: Found the characters engaging and interesting, and the story was halfway decent.

9: Well written, well-directed, and well-acted, but a handful of questionable scenes and character decisions leave it falling just short of completely satisfactory.

the "Finally! Intriguing and Utterly Satisfying!" series

10: Something about it was top-notch and brilliantly handled.


My Very First Dramas by Country

Japan: Hana Yori Dango

Taiwan: Meteor Garden

South Korea: Boys Over Flowers

Thailand: Full House

Hong Kong: Home Troopers

Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower


My Absolute Favorite Characters

Ko Eun-sung
from Shining Inheritance

Gong Woo-Jin
from Thirty But Seventeen

from Game Sanaeha

Chen Momo

from ToGetHer

Hwang Shi Mok

from Secret Forest (Stranger)


Memorable Quotes

A Wife's Credentials, ep. 16

“Life is possibly just like that. Whenever you come to a crevasse or turn a corner, you are greeted by a different scenery. What awaits you at every turn is a whole new scenery. Regardless of the turns and rough spots, I’d stayed the course. Now, right before me looms the most beautiful scenery of all. Just like it wants to say, 'This is your gift.' Although I hope this will be my final destination, it says it is not. It’s as though it is saying, ‘Take a rest, and then continue on your journey.’"


Just Between Lovers, ep. 9

“Rather than when I got hurt, it was even worse when it hurt getting treatment. I told them to just cut  [my leg] off rather than hurting that much. I said I’d pretend that I never had one to begin with. But what if I didn’t have it? It would’ve been terrible. The doctor told me then. If I want to heal the broken parts, a pain that’s even bigger than the pain that caused the wound will follow. That’s how the wound will heal.”


Thirty but Seventeen, ep. 15 & 36

“Time really does fly. I was starting to hope that it’d pass by a little slowly, but it flies by regardless of whether you want to hold onto it or have it pass by quickly.”

“Not only does it fly by, but at the same time, it’s something you can never get back. Anyone’s capable of feeling sad about what’s already gone, but whether you’re going to turn that sadness into something regretful, or make it into a wonderful memory — that’s entirely up to you.”—ep.15


“The small, roof window in my room had always been closed since I didn’t know it could be opened. She taught me how to open it, and it then became another door to happiness. If you don’t flop down in front of a closed door, if you take a look at the other door to happiness before it’s too late, if you muster up the courage to walk towards it, then perhaps, you might be able to find the happiness you didn’t even realize existed.” —ep.36


ToGetHer, ep. 11

“I’m used to being alone.”

“Being alone is so lonely. Look, this lake, these mountains, the sky, this world is so big!—“

“I said I’m used to being alone! Besides, I’m always alone. Eating alone, reading manga alone, shopping at the bookstore alone, watching TV alone, taking a walk alone, talking to myself…”

“You’re lying. You’re not used to being alone. If you were used to it, you wouldn’t have kept this.”

“It’s not what you think. I just—“

“Just what? It’s just that you haven’t told me you want me around. You know, you still haven’t answered my question: Do you like me?’”

“Then answer me this! Why have I always been alone since I was a child? Why…”


Soratobu Kouhoushitsu, ep. 8

With any job, either with a job you wanted or didn’t want to do, if you confront it head-on, I think you will be able to gain something from it. There will be many things that will not go as you wanted. Even if you have a dream, it might happen that it will not get fulfilled. It’s sad, but this happens. But no matter how many times you fail, even if you can’t become what you want, your life is not over then and there. You can start over from wherever you are.


I, Myself, ep. 10

Do you enjoy being alone?

女:For a while, I learnt to be alone. I wanted to prove that I could have a good life by myself. But there’s nothing I needed to prove. Being alone or with someone is only a feeling. You should live the life you want. No matter if you’re alone or with someone, the most important thing is to find yourself.

男:To me, loneliness is the same as happiness, fear, anger, sadness, and love. It’s human nature. If it’s not there, you don’t need to look for it. But if it shows up in front of you, you should face it head-on.


Heart to Heart, ep. 6 & 13

“One day, I got a call from the hospital that my grandma had collapsed. The last memory I have of her is saying goodbye to her on my way to school. That’s all.”

“You told me you couldn’t visit your grandma after she collapsed. How did you feel about that?”

“Sad… I was sad. But I was also angry. She knew that I couldn’t do anything on my own. What was I supposed to do? I wished that she had taken me with her. I was so mad… and I was sorry. I was so sorry… I was so sorry that my whole body hurt as if it were being torn apart, into pieces.” —ep.6


“Grandma, do you know how hot the sun is? It’s so hot that if someone came too close, they’d disappear without a trace. I wish I could do that, too. Without leaving a single trace in the world, without leaving a single memory to anyone, I wish I could disappear.” —ep.13


That's it for now!

Thanks for reading!
Happy drama watching~ \(^.^


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