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                                                               MY PROFILE!

                     WELCOME! ^^


I am Big fan of Asian Dramas. I like to watch K drama And J drama But I can watch others too! ^^ 

I love anime and have watch a lot! *^* My first anime was maid sama and i loved it! <3 

I love comedies! but also love rom coms! i don't mind other genre so i can watch any drama but prefer them to be light but if story is great i can watch heavy ones.  but my heart have to suffer ;-; xD 

I got into Asian Dramas through Anime so i glad for that :) 

I can watch any drama cuz i like to keep my mind open! 

You can message me or send me request i don't mind! i am happy to be friends with you! :D 

I don't bite :3 

Here are my preferences in lead that i would love to be in them! [Please note!!! : i can be quite picky in  leads so sorry but i am open minded and can watch any drama if they worth for it. :) ]

NOTE : This is going to be a long lol.. ^^ but still thanks if read below this. 

Female lead :

I like female lead to be strong , sassy , cool , badass , tomboyish , independent (any of these qualities in female lead is big bonus for me) it's not that i hate naive stupid girly female lead but i just don't seem to be fond of them and prefer not to watch drama with all sobbing and seeing female lead get stepped on. however i don't mind watching drama with those female lead if story is good and hook me up! ^^ but I prefer storng and sassy ones! 

Male lead : 

I like Cold, jerk , Mean , Guys who are just rude and show that they don't care but actually really cares and have a cute warm and soft side of him. i LOVE when they are obsessed and are a bit of possessive and I love if they are jealous ones! *^* but too obsession and possession isn't for me like he doesn't let female lead to do anything by herself and she isn't happy so i don't like that but love when he is obsessed with female lead and get jealous. It's just so sweet. <3  *^* 

Fav tropes :

Hate to love/Enemies to Lovers trope 

Rich guy poor women or reverse Rich girl poor guy

Jealous guys :P

Pretend relationship into real ones

Marriage contract 

Bad Boy/Bully falling in love with girl 

And idk why i am explaining all this in my profile :P but Hey! at least you know me bit better xD 

I don't mind you giving me suggestion and recommendations so feel free to message me in my inbox and i would love to hear your recommendations.   ^^ 


Lee min Ho

Hyun Bin

2 of my fav actors! :)

J drama Actors 



Ha Jin-won

Son Ye-jin

Park Shin-hye


 THANKS FOR READING! ^^{{{{{ i really appreciate it xD (it's long)}}}}}

Message me anytime :)


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