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You: *walking down the street*

Me: *also walking down the street towards you*

You: *suddenly trip*

Me: *catches you*

You&I: *stare into each other's eyes as a song plays in the background*

You: *wants to know who more about this mysterious stranger(me)*

Me: *grants your wish*

My name's Laibah(pronounced Liebaa). I got into kdramas when i watched Boys over Flowers. I couldn't stand the female lead though so I dropped it :/ however, since then, i've watched a lot of great dramas. My favorite is Cheese In The Trap and I actually really liked its ending. My favorite male leads are the nice, funny ones like the one in Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo and Prosecutor Princess. Not a huge fan of the badboy characters although I don't mind them and it'll take more than a moody lead to deter me from a drama. My favorite female leads are like the one in cheese in the trap. I really like dramas with strong female friendships like age of youth. And also, i really like cats. Now, i've run out of things to say.

*song stops playing, i help you back on your feet, you go back home in a daze and we never see each other again, until you track me down online and send a message* :3


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