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I started watching dramas after getting addicted to Super Junior, Siwon took me to TWdrama Skip Beat and the Kdrama Oh, My Lady! and that was it, I was sold and never looked back. 

I've a huge problem with Lee Min Ho and Yoon Eun Hye, I've no idea why, lol, the only thing I know is that I run from everything they do, but I watched Personal Taste and Coffee Prince, they left a bad taste in my mouth ¬¬, Lie to me was a train wreck.

I don't tend to continue watching dramas in which I dislike too much one of the main characters, first or second lead. I love romance, action, criminal dramas. I love dramas with strong female characters and male characters that don't obey every single order from their parents, being respectful is one thing, ruining your life for them is another.

I don't mind open endings or "in my next life I'll find you", but the open ending doesn't need to be one character being left alone just for the other to go enjoy life. Sometimes I cheer more for a bromance than for the romance.

Love Kpop, Super Junior and Winner are two of my favorite groups, BTS could be the third, lol, but let's see.


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