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  • Hai,

  • Welcome to my profile!

  • Let me introduce myself quickly;
  1. I'm a 18 year old girl who lives in The Netherlands. I used to watch a lot of anime but I got a bit bored, though I still read a manga every now and then! (Feel free to recommend me some good ones ) 
  2. I love the Asian culture (perhaps because Im an Asian too :)) & was already a bit familair with HK drama, so why not try korean drama? About ~6 months ago (Dec '16) I watched my first ever k-drama... : 
  1. M4POJvj3_c41381_f.jpg

      What can I say.. I immediately got hooked.

I also reeeeaaaallllly love meeting new people, so send me a message anytime! ^_^

Have a nice day ~


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