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I recently started a youtube channel on Kdrama & Jdrama reviews: jkdramaniac

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About ratings: Please be aware that I've watched some of these dramas/movies years ago. A lot of them would probably get a far worse rating if I watched them now for the first time. I'm not going to rewatch or re-rate them but leave them be. The joy I had back then watching specific dramas/movies for the first time is a part of my dramaland life and so are the ratings I gave these dramas/movies at these times of my life :)))

My first Asian drama was the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi. I stumbled upon it on youtube in 2006/2007 because I really liked the manga and I found out that there’s a live action of it. After that I rarely watched dramas, only a few other adaptions of mangas that I liked. End of 2012, I really started discovering “dramaland”. Now, I mainly watch Jdramas, Kdramas and a lot of movies, regardless of the country. 


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