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Love for Love's Sake korean drama review
Love for Love's Sake
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by Heracin
11 days ago
8 of 8 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 9.0

This drama is like catnip to me <3 Love it !!! I'm emotional thinking back to it...

This excellent BL series really brought me a lot of feelings and emotions. The thematics approached in it resonnated so much with me...It contains tropes I love (in particular a fantastical element with the virtual reality/game aspect) and I really enjoyed so much watching this series. Because I'm greedy sometimes, I wish it would have been longer but it has a very good duration when comparing to most Korean BL I have seen.

The casting was very good. I believed in the different friendships and bounds forming. The romantic scenes were amazing and honestly I am still a bit sentimental thinking back about them just after finishing the series. The main characters had a lot of emotional bagage to carry and the actors really portrayed convincingly the broken parts of their roles. The evolution of their relationship felt very natural and organic from both sides. Both main male leads did an excellent job but I must say that Lee Tae Vin is the one who impressed me the most...He succeded in playing with many layers and I hope to see in in more dramas.

The soundtrack was really good, it had a KPOP vibe that I usually enjoy and really brought a great energy to the overall series. I enjoyed as well the filmmaking. I do think they made the most with seemingly a limited budget. There were some really strikingingly beautifully filmed moments (especially some of the most romantic scenes).

I would recommend this strongly to people looking for a Youth BL, it is very fluffy but at the same time deeper than it appears. It is an healing watch that will brought you all the feels. If you enjoyed "Our Dating Sim", I really think this one might win you heart as well. It left me with such a lasting impression on me and I will gladly rewatch it <3.
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