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Have been Korean drama enthusiast since year 2000. I watch all kind of genres as long as it catches my interest. But I'll always be a fan of sageuk drama! I also watch Japanese dramas especially asadora from time to time. And lately, I'm into Chinese historical dramas.

I do fangirl several actors/actresses but that doesn't necessarily mean I will watch each of their dramas or movies. It all comes down to the story first. If it manages to grab my attention, I'll watch it until the end. Otherwise I might watch it halfway and drop it. So I'm pretty open in choosing what to watch. I might not prefer certain actor/actress/writer but I'll still check out their work anyway! Everyone deserves a reasonable amount of chances before getting rejected from me.. Huhu.. 

I don't regard myself as a true loyal fan of anyone but somehow I ended up blogging regularly about Yeon Jung Hoon since 2013. If you're his fan or just merely curious about him, you can check the blog here:  YEON JUNG HOON SPHERE, in which unfortunately hasn't been updated for over a year now. I just don't have the luxury of free time to keep blogging anymore.

Currently, I'm obsessing over Arashi & Zhao Li Ying -Feng Shao Feng couple.

My personal twitter acc:@nhb19


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