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Welcome to my lyrical insanity! ♡

Bem-vindos(as) à minha insanidade lírica! ♡

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Abomination of others, cosmic taboo.
The three zeros of ellipses.

I'm a pseudo-secret being, a demon one, with cultural ideals engrossed in addictions. I work hard on my precious soul visiting this immortal life and living in the whole Universe. In other words, I'm just an fujoshi otaku creature's alter ego who love to spend her time watching, reading and writing in its leisures times.

Real Self

My name is Michelle, I'm a Brazilian writer candidate, blogger webdesigner and future filmmaker. I work (beginner freelancer) as ghostwriter and graphic designer. At the moment, I am a Computer Science student with a great hatred for some bugs (alive or not). I love the Humanities and Exact areas and I do like learning about culture, technology, innovation and productivity for all walks of life. I'm inspiring myself to learn English and Japanese because visit Japan is one of my personal goals.


Animes & Mangás & Dramas & Light Novels;
Manhwas & Manhuas & Webcomics;
Cartoons & Movies & Books & Music.

I must say I'm an eclectic person with a few preferences that are according to the demographics and genres. Take a look at my lists and you'll understand me!


In short: I rate with scale 1 ~ 10 to indicate my appreciation. My criterion is to evaluate if the drama reaches the plot proposal analyzing constructively all the creation as a whole. I evaluate if the events and characters present facts, stories or ways that explain why and how all happens. I punctuate other factors, such as animation (when have), soundtrack, ambiance, characters and etc. I have the habit of watching the first episode and evaluating it according to my initial impressions (which turn out to be only very subjective, intuitive assumptions). And, only after I finish the season, I reevaluate. Which ends up generating different values at the beginning and the end, as well as causing good surprises in some cases (or not very good in others).

Thank you and let's be friends!


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