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Just a woman that started with anime's and manga's. Was told about a couple drama's and got hooked

The type of drama's i enjoy the most are those that have me go on a roller coaster of emotions. I feel like that's what gets me to keep watching until the end and can't wait until the next episode. And sad that it has to end

I have watched and re-watched my upmost favorite series like Hana Yori and ISWAK and the first two of the k.o series i need to finish the third so i can watch the fourth then the fifth!. And Devil Beside Me is a must

True there is many i need to finish, need to watch and i can't wait to just have a time where i can go all out. It would be nice to take a week to just veg out and watch dramas. But working all week really cuts down a lot of time.

My new years drama goal is to try to watch 60 dramas on my list, and finish half or all of my almost finished drama's lol


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