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K.O.3an Guo
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by JTKdramafan2

Feb 20, 2015
53 of 53 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.5
This review may contain spoilers
This show is like a series all on it's own, yes it has 53 episodes. But these episodes are broken down into 3 seasons. But to not go all umm what is going on? It's best to watch KO One then the X family (seasons 1 and 2) of this whole dimensional crazy world. Not to mention anything that would be considered a spoiler, because it's not. Watching the other seasons would give you a better understanding of the words 'gold dimension' 'iron dimension' and 'silver dimension' just saying. I really fell in love with this series and it found my love and knowledge of the group Fahrenheit. As KO one is the first ever drama they did together when they were starting out. In total this whole series has spanned a decade since the first season. I admit it's taken me awhile to get to season 3 of the series, because out of all of the seasons, this one is very hard to find complete unless if you were lucky enough to download it. This season/series throws a character from season 2 for a loop in a totally different dimension. You get to see a couple familiar faces from other drama's you've seen, as this is back in 2009 so it's like back when they were all new and cute faces then all over familiar ones in various dramas. Like season 2 (The X family) this gives you a look on what another alternate self would be like. Had fun in the last season wonder what will come next in personalities of familiars in this one. Making you wonder if other world/dimensions exist other then this one. With the music there will be familiar songs you recognize from seasons 1 and 2 done differently, either in instrumental or different voice. Making you go hey wait a minute! Isn't this from ... Along with new songs. Like the previous seasons there are moment's that make you go wth, and laugh and worry and wonder. There is something that is repeated in like almost every episode that will have you doing that or wishing it was real. So KO One (season 1) The X Family (season 2) this season KO 3anguo then continue on with KO Return KO Re-act The X Dormitory and current season Angel N Devil I know it might seem scary with soooo many seasons in a series, but this drama series is more like a dramedy with funny moments that will have you in stitches no matter what season you're in. So far anyway... Off to season 4 KO Return!
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