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sparse viewing lately but imma get on my grind w japanese doramas watch and see


sparse viewing lately but imma get on my grind w japanese doramas watch and see

━   O326 . started my journey at a truly horrific prepubescent age and have been an on and off enthusiast of east asian cinema for around 14 years. i am very disappointed that I hadnt left my mark on MDL history besides curating a monstrous watch list but at the same time, i'm glad my internet footprint doesn't exist bc it definitely would've haunted me. feel free to dm me if you find me even vaguely pleasant i'm in need of a heinous watch buddy to spread drama chisme with ⇾  〄                     


                                                           ➤  FAVORITE MOVIES. 

               ➤  FAVORITE GENRES.   

thriller, suspense.
detective, investigation, crime.               

                                      ➤  LEAST FAVORITE GENRES

     musical (pop).                                                    

                                                                                               ➤  WHAT I LOOK FOR:

s t a b l e   p l o t.
e n g a g i n g   c h a r a c t e r s.
e x c e l l e n t   a c t i n g.
c h e m i s t r y   b e t w e e n   c a s t.
c o m p r e h e n s i b l e   d i r e c t i n g.
e m o t i o n a l   t e t h e r s.  
s e e m l e s s   c i n e m a t o g r a p h y.
s m a r t   w r i t i n g
o r i g i n a l   d i a l o g u e.
c o h e r e n t   e d i t i n g.

`` M Y   R A T I N G   S C A L E `„ ↴

60% quality of content and 40% garnered emotion.

10 is literally perfection on my screen, 

9 is phenomenal, 

8 is good, 

7 is fine, 

anything lower is a no-go.

━   pesky watching habits:

+  i rate dramas as watch them. it's a pet peeve for most but
my justification is that i can almost always guess the
likelihood of my final rating by the first 10 minutes of 
the drama. when you entrench yourself in an activity for
so long you tend to pick up a sharp eye and trustworthy
intuition. call it a self fulfilling prophecy if you'd like but my
system hasn't failed me yet.

+ i drop/hold dramas i find insufficient interest in too easily
for comfort. my tolerance level has decreased to below
zero temps and i'm real upset about it. i wanna be able to
consume trashy politically incorrect romcoms too smtms :(

+ i constantly skip scenes and watch in 2X because of boredom, tisms,
and frankly, frustrating levels of second hand embarrassment.
this might be on me and my sensitive ass but i just cant stand the corny

+  i dabble in japanese and thai shows from time to time but i'm mostly
a kdrama gobbler

+ because i've been in the scene for so long PLEASE PLEASE dont take
my old ratings seriously.  i joined MDL at 17yo yall. for reference im
mid 20s now. yk the type of person you were as a teenager?? horrid
i very much doubt id even rate the dramas i watched 2y ago the same way

━   general sentiment(s) i want to express:
not to generalize in hamstrung ways but i feel like the drama
scene has become very stagnant lately. feel free to debate
with me but it all feels very... commercial and over-saturated.
perhaps i've outgrown it, perhaps i've been overexposed.
just as likely that the integrity of film making has deteriorated
in some areas. regardless, ive been around this long and it
hasn't detached its claws from me yet. it's still my fav form
of self-therapy as well as a truly convenient outlet for my
unhealthy hyperfixations :P besides, the jewels that i find
amongst the rough every year make it alllll worth it

                                                                                                                             »   »    »
                                                                                                                             from 2019 to jan 6, 2023.

                                                                                                                             completed (movies/dramas): 456

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