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ay im todds, 19, hella chill but with hella anxiety

about me

hobbies: reading (fanfiction), fashion (streetwear), drawing, dance (urban, hiphop), internet surfing

interests: anime, kpop (jackson wang), dance (les twins), androgyny, music (070 shake), and asian dramas


I prefer communication through memes and slander through Shakespeare.

I loathe watching an episode a week, I'm more of a season a day kinda person.

bromance is OTP get it straight ya’ll.

If I had a nickel for every time I said I was going to get my shit together and then proceeded to not get my shit together, I wouldn't even need to get my shit together because I'd be rich af

I try my best to be a decent and respectable human being :’)

favorite drama/film: (rated 9+) 

Signal, Stranger, The Bridal Mask, Healer, Kazoku Game, Six Flying Dragons, 

Falling For Innocence, Age Of Youth, Border, Chief Kim, Engine, Prison Playbook,

Hanzawa Naoki, Memory, I Hear Your Voice, I Remember You, Just Between Lovers, 

Live Up to Your Name, Kill Me Heal Me, Mr. Back, Nobunaga Concerto, Life on Mars

Splash Splash Love, Padam Padam, You Who Came From The Stars, Ouroboros, Last 


The Man From Nowhere, Ip Man, Ip Man 2, Miracle in Cell No. 7, Our Happy Time,

A Day With My Son, A Moment To Remember, Bunny Drop, Crows Zero, The Throne,

Going By The Book, Joint Security Area, Masquerade, Maundy Thursday

current actor obsessions: 

(woo do hwan, yoo ah in, jung kyung ho, seo in guk, arata mackenyu, oguri shun, park bo gum, jang hyuk, kimora takuya, lee joon gi, jo jung suk, song joong ki, saito takumi, kim soo hyun, kim kang woo, ji chang wook)

favorite genres:

bl, action, historical, suspense, psychological, romance, medical, friendship, detective

least favorite genres:

school/teen, musical (pop), food, tokusatsu, sports

what I look for most in dramas is:

unique themes

stable plot

distinct characters

excellent acting

chemistry between cast

my rating scale is based on personal perspective: 55% quality of content and 45% garnered emotion

10 is literally perfection on my screen, 9 is phenomenal, 8 is good, 7 is fine, anything lower is a no-go.

I tend to rate dramas as I'm watching them because I have short term memory loss and I forget the rating once I've finished, sorry if that pisses ya off. I easily hold on dramas I find insufficient interest in, I drop when I know they can’t stand a chance and I constantly skip scenes; a habit I’m trying to forgo. Basically, if I complete a drama it's because it is worth my time.

as of june 25, 2018.

completed: 310

If you have any recommendations, never hesitate to present them to muah.

thanks for reading


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