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Hi, I'm here to manage my list of asian media and to participate in threads.  I go by "levichan" because Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin) is my animated incarnate form but I come with the added benefit of being friendly. That's what the "Chan" is for. So, I really won't bite. Add me as friend if you like!

I mostly watch Japanese and Korean motion pictures but I'm open to creative content personally and also because I am studying Mass Communication (I study films too).

Super broke, btw. That justifies my online presence.

My main genre is Psychological thrillers, Crime, Suspense, Thrillers. But I watch all kinds if the plot interests me. I'm a sucker for live-action adaptations of manga, guilty-pleasures, we all have'm.

This bio needs more work, I think.


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