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Hello everyone ^^

My name is Judith (I'd really like to add "but you can call me cool nickname" but people usually just call me Judith ㅜㅜ) I'm 20 years old but I don't act like it though :D I live in Germany, it's okay here but German TV-shows are... well let's say most German TV-shows are not my cup of tea, soo... now I'm here and enjoy Asian Dramas ^^ 


Back in 2013 (?) I had a minor surgery and stayed a few days at home. I was really bored and searched for some TV-shows and then guess what happened.. I watched my first KDrama To The Beautiful You and since then Kim Woo Bin is my favorite actor! He's absolutely stunning ♡♡  No wonder he's also a model!!! + his acting is so good. He makes me cry, smile and forget about a reality. He's my favorite bad boy of all time xD He is amazing!!  No-one could ever replace him ♥


Everytime I see him and Shin Min Ah together my heart melts <3


I also really like Shin Min Ah!  Even though she catched my attention because of her relationship with Kim Woo Bin I became a fan of hers. She's an amazing actress!! Pretty, talented and unique ♥ I can't wait for her future Dramas!


I was so addicted to Tomorrow With You and to me it was one of the best KDramas so far.

I mostly watch KDramas and Thai Series. I also like JDramas, CDramas and some more but I haven't watched a lot... so if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

My favorite genres are action, friendship, lgbt+, material arts, food, comedy, life, fantasy, thriller, school, melodrama/drama, romance, youth, tragedy and medical (yellow marked: love this genre; blue marked: like this genre)


I hope we can all become good friends and feel free to send me a friend request and/or message me ^^


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