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Hi :)

I'm Judith and I (obviously) enjoy watching dramas.

I like dark themed dramas very much but I'm also a fan of lighthearted dramas,  so you can say I'm pretty flexible *starts writing job application*

But seriously I like almost every genre. As long as I'm entertained I'm happy.

Since I like really different genres the exact same way I have a hard time rating dramas most of the time. But this is how I usually rate Dramas:

10 - Wow, this is a masterpiece. I absolutely love everything about it

9.5 - Same as for 10. There's just this tiny thing that's bothering me but it's not even worth mentioning

- High quality Drama 

8.5 - I had a really great time watching this Drama

8 - A great drama even though it has flaws

7.5-7 - Watchable but average

6.5-6 - Didn't like it or low budget drama that has potential

5.5-1 - Hated it

Most of the time I rate movies and specials the same way I rate dramas but there are some expectations.

Since I started watching dramas I can't live without mdl. I love organizing the dramas I watch and finding out what I can watch next. 

I also love the things that come with using mdl like the yearly drama challenges *not so smooth transition*

If you're interested you can check my progress here:
Drama Challenge 2019


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