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Best Get Going chinese drama review
Best Get Going
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by KangHae
Aug 3, 2020
35 of 35 episodes seen
Overall 7.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
I started this drama on a whim and wanted to drop it in the first ten episodes but then, I'm glad that I didn't.

Story: 8.5/10
Theme = The main story of this story revolves around a group of fresh graduates who strive to find internships in good companies and start making a living. This is a sensitive and very important topic of our lives and I could relate with all the characters as I'm sure many of the viewers would. The companies and the employers are, most of the time, horrible. They treat the interns as pieces they can easily dispose of after using them and this is exactly how the employers are shown in this drama albeit writers went a bit too far on some occasions and I wonder if this is how it actually happens in the world? Then there are parents, who show love for their children in their own way. The parents in this drama are, well, too much involved in their children's lives and it is exactly how Asian parents are, lol. Like other Chinese dramas, this one also focuses on the friendship between the co-workers, slow romance, struggles of the interns, and their hard work. Anyway, all the minus points are because, in the end, I felt something missing. I know what it is but mentioning it here would be giving a spoiler d(-_^)

Characters and their development: 9/10
I liked the characters, to be honest.
Starting with the female lead played by our very own Zanilia, Song Nuan is a very hardworking and honest girl. She's stubborn but in a good way. In other words, she's perfect (like most of Cdrama heroins). The only thing that she's lacking is, confidence and the ability to reach her true potential and that is exactly the road the writer has taken for our main character. There's only one person who realizes her true potential and pushes her into circumstances where she can utilize it.
Our main lead, WOW...Ok. I really, really hated Zhang Sheng in the first ten episodes. He was the worst kind of character, a bully with no sense of regard for the others. His character development was the thing that I looked forward to, the most. I was not disappointed but I wasn't completely satisfied either. He changed as a person, he changed so much by the end and this development was really smooth and gradual.
Then are the other two characters, Zhou Ge Ge and Zhao Xiao Chuan. Where Zhao Xiao Chuan's development was like Song Nuan's, he developed confidence which is the only trait he lacked in my opinion, Ge Ge's development was another good point of the drama. In the beginning, she's just suspicious of everyone, misjudges easily and throws tantrums, I loved to see her grow as a person and as a friend. Sometimes, she annoyed me a lot, and sometimes, I loved her to bits. Like Zhang Sheng, she was a complicated character whose character development was done nicely but a little more work would've been nice XD Supporting cast was good, too especially the parents who, most of the time, were more immature than their own kids.

Acting/Cast: 7/10
It was just OKAY. I've seen Zanilia's work, her modern dramas, and let me just say this: WHY ALL OF HER CHARACTERS ARE SAME? Why does she always play this meek and shy girl who grows with the story? Aside from her, others were ok. Elvira Cai who plays Zhao Ge Ge went overboard some times (maybe her character was written that way but still, it was a bit uncomfortable to watch XD ) but she was okay overall. Nothing special in the acting category, I'd say.

Music: 7/10
It was typical rom-com music at the beginning but later, it changed as the story changed and the characters developed. I loved the theme song they used but I can't find it, lol. The background music is nice too. A bit dramatic for the scenes but I like this kind of music so I didn't mind ɷ◡ɷ

Re-watch Value: 7/10
It's NOT must re-watch kind of drama but some scenes make you feel optimistic a number of times and these can serve as a good source of motivation if you're feeling down. The scenes from their military training are so darn cool. Aside from this, there are many scenes that I'd love to watch again someday.

Overall: 7.5/10
Not perfect, not bad but just right kind of drama. It touches reality in a way that makes characters relatable. I liked it, enough to binge it despite a pile of pending assignments (─.─||)
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