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Buried in work, studies, books and to many shows to watch...


Buried in work, studies, books and to many shows to watch...
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
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Jun 18, 2017
Overall 9.5
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
This drama is full of serious moments which turn into comedy while the overall drama turns from comedy into something (mostly) serious. I started watching it and I completely understand why some people really really hate it. It's different from other dramas, especially in the beginning. Don't worry, later on it takes more characteristics of a normal drama. Story: Prepare to get your typical drama clichées and moments...BUT there will always be a turn on it that takes the comical route. Seriously, this drama doesn't take itself very seriously (in the beginning). What makes this drama different is: in other dramas there are many storylines working to problem and one resolution in the end, in SWDBS there is more than one main story and not all of them have the purpose to end at the finale but some of them are resolved right in the middle. I loved that. It seemed more real and kept the story fresh. Also you will get A LOT of witty conversations and funny comebacks. It's just really funny, even if you can guess (some) of the outcomes. Also the characters are really interesting and enjoyable. I do admit, that I didn't like Bong Soon all the time. Sometimes she was really annoying but that's not for the actress but the character. And the acting behind the character was really believable. Acting/Cast: I really really really have to compliment this cast. The cast was chosen perfectly, the characters were written amazingly. After this drama I really know what it means to act with your eyes. Seriously, I think like 70% of the acting was facial reactions. And not just the sad or touching parts but also the comedic acting was done perfectly. The lines were delivered perfectly and I really liked it. Compliments to HyungSik also, I didn't realise he was such a great actor. Music: Appropriate for the drama but I wasn't really into looking up the songs, I admit. Rewatch: I tend to only rewatch very few dramas...SWDBS...maybe one day. I'm not against it but I'll probably only rewatch specific scenes. Overall: A comedic drama with some genres which you'd never expect in a comedy. Get used to being totally confused over what's happening but enjoying it wholeheartedly. Also a plus point? I think SWDBS is a great and recommendable drama but you probably won't get into a drama slump afterwards. So nice not being depressed for once after watching a good drama ^.^
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