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Buried in work, studies, books and too many shows to watch...


Buried in work, studies, books and too many shows to watch...

Hi, annyeong!

About myself:

Occupation: University student and working in IT / Age: 20s / Talents: convincing myself a 1 hour episode will fit into 30 mins, telling lame jokes, watching dramas the whole night and convincing myself I'll be alright the next morning / Weakness: everything related to K-Pop, TV, carrots and tomato juice (ha, didn't expect that, did you?) / Home: Europe / Languages: English, German (fluently); French, Spanish (a bit); Korean (learning)


I'm a happy pessimist, who talks too much, tries to learn Korean because I love the culture (and because I didn't wanna wait for subs anymore), likes to cook with recipes just to ignore the recipes, gets stressed really easily, writes too much and has a strange kind of humor. 

:My favourites:

Best drama slump material.

There can only be one named here. This one's following drama slump was hard like no other: Bridal Mask

Best OST song.

You'd think I need a lot of time for that but actually there is only one OST song I listened to for days. Beautiful Beautiful by Punch & Glabingo

Best "star/idol" performance in a drama.

EXO Next Door was my number one here for a long time but if I exclude them, since they are actually K-Pop idols, I'd have to give it to Full House Take 2 for amazing performances and Hit The Top for believably portraying the star-like feeling

Best chemistry.

This. Is. Torture. Who? Who should I choose? It's definitely gonna be from a Thai show but which one??? In the end I cannot decide so let's give it to two: Together With Me, it may actually be like season 2 but their chemistry is too good to be true in that one. Club Friday S08-True Love or Just Confused, while I totally do not agree with the ending or some of the things happening the chemistry managed to make you watch til the end.

Most captivating storyline.

It's Okay, That's Love. I've never been so happy to watch a drama after it aired all its episodes. I think I would've died otherwise. SOTUS: The series. This one made me go to work with no sleep at all, since I spend the whole night watching the whole series. I just couldn't pull myself away.

Most captivating character.

Many people may think differently than me but the most captivating character I ever watched...well, I say a captivating character is someone you would watch a whole show about even if the rest of the show was totally stupid (which thank god wasn't the case): Byung Hee (Shut Up: Flower Boy Band) and Simon (Project S: Skate Our Souls)

Best comedic duo.

I had to think about this one for like 2 seconds and then I knew who I was choosing. Let's say the whole ensemble were comedic stars: Kim Shin and Grim Reaper (from Goblin).

Best happy-go-lucky character.

I've known my best happy-go-lucky character since years ago and no one has ever changed my opinion in that regard. Even if he had serious scenes he was just so amazing: Enrique Geum (from Flower Boy Next Door)

Best villain.

I've never had second lead syndrome ever until I was so stupid as to watch The K2. While she may not actually be a second lead but a main character, she is still the second leading lady in our main guys heart, so well...but she was an amazing villain and I don't care how bad she was, in my head she got her happy ending with Je Ha: Choi Yoo Jin (from The K2)

My favourite actresses/actors (Korean/Japanese):

Yoon Shi Yoon (Hit The Top), Lee Dong Wook (Goblin), Lee Minho (Heirs), Jo In Sung (It's Okay, That's Love)Kim Sang Joong (Bad Guys), Lee Hong Ki (Bride Of The Century), Lee Seung Gi (King 2 Hearts)

Yang Jin Sung (Bride Of The Century), Gong Hyo Jin (It's Okay, That's Love), Jung Eun Ji (Sassy Go Go)

My all-time favourite songs: 

FTIsland - Severely / U-Kiss - 0330 / K.Will - I Need You / VIXX - Eternity / Eric Nam - Can't Help Myself / BTS - Fire / SechsKies - Three Words

I can listen to these songs for days and not get bored ^.^

I'm always open for friend requests, recommendations, questions etc. Hwaiting!!!


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