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Planet Earth, I hope ^.^


Planet Earth, I hope ^.^

!Hi, welcome! 

I'm in my 20s, I can speak German and English fluently, but went to a language school so I understand some others too. I'm a university student and work in the IT and software area. 

:My guidelines for watching dramas:

  • I never review a drama before I haven't finished it. The ending of a series can change so much, so I don't wanna judge too early
  • I'm totally into interesting characters or unusual plotlines and great chemistry between the leads (does not need to be romantic chemistry, can also be friendship)
  • In general I have no preference regarding the genre. I watched school life, tragedy, drama, comedy, fantasy, sports, boys love, historic, work life, romance, crime, mystery, psychological, family ... pretty much every genre there is. 
  • I have no real preference for a country or language, since I need subs anyway, though I do watch Korean dramas the most. Of course, I'm open to other series recommendations from other countries too.
  • I do rate a drama after like 3 episodes, though I change it over the rest of the drama (if the score changes in my opinion)

The ONE THING that can make me LOVE, HATE, WATCH or DROP a drama without considering anything else is CHARACTER DESIGN. If the characters are great and I like them I'll watch whatever series you put before me, if I hate the characters, the series could be Oscar-worthy and I'd still drop it.

Also I'm addicted to interesting storylines, where you can see untypical characters, so if you know some like that, please recommend me some :D

:About myself:

  • I'm great at convincing myself a 1 hour episode fits into 30 minutes
  • I have like 3 to 4 dramas from different dramas I rewatched multiple times while others I hardly remember - just because I like the atmosphere of the dramas
  • I can listen to my all-time-favourite songs (and a few OST songs) for 3 days in a row and not get bored at all
  • I love watching TV shows, not just from Asia but all over the world and I spend way too much time watching dramas and shows XD
  • I like writing, reading, ice skating, learning languages, photography, shoes, Harry Potter, good food and rings. 

:Series/Drama dislikes:  

  • memory loss
  • evil stepmothers
  • scary black-haired girls in white dresses who are actually dead and want to kill people
  • female leads who think it's okay to just force someone to think the same as them
  • male second leads who don't understand "I'm not interested"

Please do not recommend stuff that includes too many of these things T.T thank you

I also like to get to know people from all around the world and find out more about different cultures, so...

...feel free to send recommendations, friend requests, questions etc etc! ^.^


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