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I'm in my 20s, I can speak German, English and Spanish fluently, as well as some French and Korean. And for everything else, I am best friends with Google Translate.  I am one of the editors on MDL, so if you have any article ideas or questions regarding writing and editing, feel free to send me a message ^.^ I do have a full-time job (family business, meaning a 24/7 job ;) ) so it might take me 1-3 days to respond, I'm sorry about that.

:About myself:

  • Ever since watching dramas I have realized time is different: I'm absolutely convinced a 1 hour episodes fits into 30 minutes, getting ready in the morning surely only takes like 10 minutes so an episode fits into the morning routine no problem, and as long as I get 4-5 hours of sleep each night, I can work effectively for 3 days before I need a 10 hours sleeping break.
    Yes, I'm screwed.
  • I absolutely adore owls and have way too many owl themed things in my room. Like seriously, it's concerning.
  • I love the Grave Robbers Chronicles series and am the admin of the series wiki. And like everyone else, I have been waiting for the new series forever...
  • I'm a romantic with a pessimistic strike. I believe in THE ONE for everyone, I just doubt I will find THAT person :) 
  • I am addicted to way too many things and depression shopping is definitely a problem. My wallet has been hiding from me.
  • I'm in continuous debate with myself if I have a really good or a really crappy memory.
  • I fail at cooking good stuff 90% of the time but am an amazing baker.
  • I'm a VIP...a vaguely improving person ^.^

The ONE THING that can make me love, hate, watch or drop a drama without considering anything else is CHARACTER DESIGN. If the characters are great and I like them I'll watch whatever series you put before me, if I hate the characters, the series could be Oscar-worthy and I'd still drop it.



Favorite drama: 
The Long Ballad
Favorite couple: 
Gun & Tinn (My School President)
Favorite genre:
Fictional historical / wuxia C-dramas seem to be my weakness.

Biggest drama slump material: 
Bridal Mask
Most pleasant surprise while watching: 
Love for Love's Sake
Most re-watched drama: 
Love By Chance
Most re-watched drama without finishing: 
Tomb of the Sea
Most excite-worthy anticipated series/episodes at the moment:
My Stand-In


Best Opening Sequence: 

Best OST: 
It's Okay, That's Love / Kill Me, Heal Me / King2Hearts
Best Set/Background Design:
Ultimate Note
Best Ending Scene: 
Kill It / TharnType Special

Most fascinating crime series: 
Best fantasy & supernatural series: 
Best office & work related series: 
Best Laugh-your-head-off drama: 
Best Epic love story: 
Most inspiring character: 
Xiao Feng (Cross Fire)
Best happy-go-lucky character: 
Da Bong (Hit the Top)
Biggest second lead syndrome material: 
Choi Yoo Jin (The K2)
Best character design: 
Kabe Koji
Best friendship: 
Li Lianhua & Fang Duobing & Di Feisheng (Mysterious Lotus Casebook)
Best comedic cast:

I also like to get to know people from all around the world and find out more about different cultures, so...

...feel free to send recommendations, friend requests, questions etc etc! ^.^


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