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!Hi, welcome! 

I'm in my 20s, I can speak German and English fluently, but went to a language school so I understand some others too. I'm a university student and work in the IT and software area. 

I'm celebrating my 10 year K-fan anniversary this year!!! 

10 years and I'm still feeling as passionate about Korean culture as in 2009, if not more.

:About myself:

  • I'm great at convincing myself a 1 hour episode fits into 30 minutes
  • Even though It's Okay, That's Love is my favourite drama, I have only watched it twice. While I have rewatched other dramas that aren't on my favourites list, multiple times
  • I collect everything with owls as a motive because I think they are amazingly cute
  • I like writing, reading, ice skating, learning languages, photography, shoes, Harry Potter, good food, K-Pop and accessoires
  • I have been a fan of K-Pop and Korean culture in general, before BTS and before Gangnam Style even. I'm proud to be an oldie considering my fan career :)
  • One definition of a "perfect day" for me is going to work until noon and then spend the rest of the day in the cinema watching movies
  • I'm in debate with myself if I have a really good or a really crappy memory.
  • I love trying out new recipes, just to ignore the recipes halfway through and just go with my gut
  • I'm a VIP...a vaguely improving person ^.^

:My guidelines for watching dramas:

  • I never review a drama if I haven't seen it fully.
  • There always needs to be good chemistry between the leads or the whole drama suffers.
  • NO preference regarding genres or countries.
  • I do rate a drama after like 3 episodes, though I change it over the rest of the drama

I love epic love stories, adore witty conversations, appreciate strong (but not smart-ass) female leads and consider a nice male lead bromance as the cherry on top. I don't normally go for the fluffy, lovely dramas, except for when I'm in a drama slump and cannot stomach another melodrama. 

The ONE THING that can make me LOVE, HATE, WATCH or DROP a drama without considering anything else is CHARACTER DESIGN. If the characters are great and I like them I'll watch whatever series you put before me, if I hate the characters, the series could be Oscar-worthy and I'd still drop it.


Best Opening Sequence: The Gifted

Favourite drama: It's Okay, That's Love
Biggest drama slump material: Bridal Mask
Most pleasant surprise while watching: The Gifted / The Fiery Priest

Most inspiring character: Kang Yeon Doo (Sassy Go Go)
Best female characters: Mr. Merman (all three female leads)
Best friendship duo: Kang Yeon Doo & Ha Dong Jae (Sassy Go Go)
Best happy-go-lucky character: Enrique Geum (Flower Boy Next Door)
Best Character Chemistry: Korn & Knock (Together With Me)

Best Laugh-your-head-off drama: The Fiery Priest
Best comedic cast: Goblin / Chief Kim / The Fiery Priest
Biggest second lead syndrome material: The K2 (Choi Yoo Jin)
Best Bromance & Tease: Guardian 
Best Coming-of-Age: Phun & Noh (Love Sick)
Best Epic Love Story: King2Hearts

Best OST: It's Okay, That's Love / Kill Me, Heal Me / King2Hearts
Best Picture: Descendants Of The Sun

Most fascinating crime series: Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2
Best fantasy & supernatural series: Mr. MermanThe Untamed
Best office & work related series: Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi
Best Ending Scene: Kill It

I also like to get to know people from all around the world and find out more about different cultures, so...

...feel free to send recommendations, friend requests, questions etc etc! ^.^


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