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Europe ^.^


Europe ^.^

!Hi, welcome! 

I'm in my 20s, I can speak German and English fluently, but went to a language school so I understand some others too. I'm a university student and work in the IT and software area. 

:About myself:

  • I'm great at convincing myself a 1 hour episode fits into 30 minutes
  • Even though It's Okay, That's Love is my favourite drama, I still haven't rewatched it, even though I did rewatch dramas, that aren't even on my favourites list. 
  • I can listen to my all-time-favourite songs (and a few OST songs) for 3 days in a row and not get bored at all
  • I collect everything with owls as a motive because I think they are amazingly cute.
  • I love watching TV shows, not just from Asia but all over the world and I spend way too much time watching them XD
  • I like writing, reading, ice skating, learning languages, photography, shoes, Harry Potter, good food, K-Pop and accessoires. 
  • I'm one of the lucky people to say, I'm happy with my job ^.^
  • One definition of a "perfect day" for me is going to work until noon and then spend the rest of the day in the cinema watching movies.
  • I live in a region where you can go on a 10 minute train ride and have a totally different weather situation than your starting location.
  • I'm in debate with myself if I have a really good or a really crappy memory.
  • I love trying out new recipes, just to ignore the recipes halfway through and just go with my gut. 
  • People think I'm a nitpicky person but actually I just set different priorities than others.
  • I'm a VIP...a vaguely improving person ^.^

:My guidelines for watching dramas:

  • I never review a drama if I haven't seen it fully.
  • There always needs to be good chemistry between the leads or the whole drama suffers.
  • NO preference regarding genres.
  • NO preference regarding countries.
  • I do rate a drama after like 3 episodes, though I change it over the rest of the drama (if the score changes in my opinion)

The ONE THING that can make me LOVE, HATE, WATCH or DROP a drama without considering anything else is CHARACTER DESIGN. If the characters are great and I like them I'll watch whatever series you put before me, if I hate the characters, the series could be Oscar-worthy and I'd still drop it.


  • Favourite drama: It's Okay, That's Love
  • Biggest drama slump material: Bridal Mask

  • Best Bromance & Tease: Guardian 
  • Best Laugh your head off: Goblin / Switch Girl!!
  • Most inspiring character: Kang Yeon Doo (Sassy Go Go)
  • Best friendship duo: Kang Yeon Doo & Ha Dong Jae (Sassy Go Go)
  • Best happy-go-lucky character: Enrique Geum (Flower Boy Next Door)
  • Best Character Chemistry: Korn & Knock (Together With Me)
  • Best Picture: Descendants Of The Sun
  • Best Coming-of-Age: Phun & Noh (Love Sick)
  • Best Epic Love Story: King2Hearts
  • Best OST: It's Okay, That's Love / Kill Me, Heal Me / King2Hearts
  • Most fascinating crime series: Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2
  • Best office & work related series: Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi
  • Best fantasy & supernatural series: Guardian / A Korean Odyssey
  • Biggest second lead syndrome material: The K2 (Choi Yoo Jin)

:Series/Drama dislikes:  

  • memory loss (if unreasonable...which, let's be honest, it is most of the time)
  • evil stepmothers (bad / unreliable / mean is okay for a drama but evil is just ... inhuman)
  • scary black-haired girls in white dresses who are actually dead and want to kill people
  • female and male leads who do not understand what NO means and just force their feelings onto someone else

Please do not recommend stuff that includes too many of these things T.T thank you

I also like to get to know people from all around the world and find out more about different cultures, so...

...feel free to send recommendations, friend requests, questions etc etc! ^.^


If you read until here, you're awesome! Funny remark for the end: Did you realise it says "Describe yourself in a sentence or two." at the end of the description field in your settings? Well, I think I took it a little bit over the top ^.^ but just a little...


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