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Hello Fellows :D

Sorry, my English is not sooo good :D I'm not a native speaker, so hope you don't mind any mistakes ^^° I can read and understand very good tough :)

I love asian Dramas a lot :) I'm not sure, when it started, I think it was around 2007 somewhere :) (I only know, that I watched "They kiss again" life and always waiting for subs the next day :D :D :D)

First Taiwanese Drama: Hana Kimi! (And my very first drama ever! :D At first it was arkward, but I got used to the sense of humor und loved it at the end - it was really hilarious! :D It brought me to Fei lun hai and Mando-Pop in general <3)

First Japanese Drama: I think it was Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon :'D (even I don't count it as a real drama xD okay the next one should have been Yukan Club I think :D)

First Korean Drama: By Land and sky (I loved it soooo much :D it was my first and longest Drama at that time :D and slowly I started to figure out K-Pop... and now I stick to it - my everyday music <3)

First Thai Drama: Love beyond frontier :) (liked it :) it was so bubbly and easygoing, though there where problems too :) It was my first time to get introduced to Golf & Mike^^).

First Chinese Drama: Single Princesses and blind dates :D it was so funny and cute~ and Jimmy Lin :D

My prefered Language is German, but English is no Problem if you want to write to me :D


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