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I've written Drama stories the "Dream Drama" section for the popular "The Fangirl Verdict" Korean Drama blog.  I write a mixed bag of genres and put my heart into every story, carefully choosing actors I think are a tailor fit to my characters. 

My co-blogger friends had created lovely drama "posters" and I added related pictures, and music! It's all fun! My ideas come from everywhere, and I'm not afraid to use well worn drama cliches and tropes if they fit. The best comments I'd received had readers wishing they could actually watch the dramas and that they feel my stories were better than what was currently airing!  It was an honor to read that. 

My last Dream drama was a Sci-fi/action Romance called "Afterglow."

I still have ideas for a sequel. I'm working on my own novels, one non-fiction, one a historical cozy mystery, for publishing. 

Read more about the Dream Dramas on The Fangirl Verdict

You can also learn a little about me here: About LadyG


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