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Both dramas:
- are set in the realm of deities;
- have an unforgettable love;
- have an heart-wrenching love story;
- secondary characters that made the main leads have misunderstandings;
- heavy fantasy with many creatures from Chinese mythology;
- beautiful scenaries;
- good CGI (Heavy Sweetness, Ask-like Frost one seems better).
Recommended by kayea - Oct 30, 2017
If you liked
...then you might like
Scarlet Heart is set during the reign of Kangxi ( 1661 – 1722) while Rule the World is set at beginning of Qing Dynasty. The male lead is Huang Taiji (the first actual Emperor of Qing Dynasty ) while his father is Nurhaci, is the founder of Qing Dynasty.

Scarlet Heart and Rule the World have a similar plot: a woman who goes back in times and gets entangled with the princes of the reigning dynasty.
So if you like the first drama, you could like also the second.
Recommended by kayea - Oct 18, 2017