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안녕 친구들! Hello everyone! :)

My name is Lin (린). I speak, read & write in German, French & English.
So don’t hesitate in contacting me in those languages if you want to know something.

I found out about the Asian Dramas by chance in 2009. One day I was on Youtube and stumbled across a Taiwanese Drama called "Prince Turns To Frog". Then "Mars", "Devil Beside You", "My Lucky Star" and many more followed until I found "It Started With a Kiss" in early 2010. That’s when I learned that there will be a Korean adaption of it called "Playful Kiss". That’s when I fell hard for Korean Dramas and the addiction is still going strong!^^ I usually watch a drama at a time, because I tend to marathon one as fast as possible but if the Drama contains my fav. actor/actress then I can’t help to watch it as soon as possible haha Now you see how real my addiction is. XD I usually watch my dramas on KissAsian and MyAsianTV.

I watch mainly Korean, Taiwanese Dramas and Thai lakorns. Sometimes Chinese as well.

My First Dramas

Taiwanese: Prince Turns To Frog (2005 - watched in 2009)
Korean: Playful Kiss (2010 - watched during air time)
Thai: Full House (2014 - 
watched in the same year)
Chinese: Waking Love Up (2011 - watched in the same year)
Japanese: Yamada kun to 7 nin no Majo (2013 - watched in 2014)

My Rating System

10.0: Perfect Awesomeness ♥__♥  
9.5-9.0: Excellent/Amazing  
7.5 - 7.0: Good
6.5-6.0: OK
5.5 - 5.0: Medicore
4.5-4.0: Bad
3.5-3.0 : Nearly not bearable >_<  skipped few episodes
2.5-2.0: Drop it!  
1.5/1.0-0 Don’t even try to start!


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