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Where Relaxation Meets Dramas


Where Relaxation Meets Dramas

Dear OCN, 

You have made my life very happy. I met you randomly looking for a darker, grittier take on dramas. At drama number 36 of mine, I finally did. And it was so worth it. 

I was hesitant on a show about vampires, but gave it a shot. Vampire Prosecutor Season 1, was the beginning of a beautiful drama relationship with you.  

Every single one that came out, I took it as candy. I could never get enough of dark alleyways hiding sinister killers. Of detectives who always seem to work in the Violent Crimes Unit. Of cults and that occasional "Father". Of exorcisms and gore galore! 

I know to expect no romances of the main leads, but more ghosts and time traveling heroes. In a world where there is always death, brutal bad guys and enough amounts of blood. 

So thank you for keeping me on my toes every time. I look forward to seeing you again!

- A Very Happy OCN fan. 


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