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Fan of periodic C-dramas. Was a HK-dramas fan since young and started to dive into the C-drama world years ago. Native Cantonese speaker but fluent in Mandarin.

Preferred genres:

Wuxia, Historical, Action, Mysteries, Comedy, Political                              

Highly value:

Friendships themed drama, Great character developments,                             
Plot twists, Smart characters, Good acting                              

Fan of:

Hu Ge, Steven Zhang Xin Cheng, Chen Xing Xu, Liu Duan Duan,                            
Mayday, Sodagreen, VAE Xu Song, Li Jian, Mao Buyi                             

I don't rate dramas that I dropped, because I didn't finish them. If there is a rating given, it is was during the watch. Ratings are very subjective though, so these are just for reference.

0.0 - 5.5Never give these ratings. Usually dropped that drama if it belongs to this category.
6.0Barely manage to finish the drama. Most likely to finish them because I watch them with family.
6.5Same as the above, just that I was able to finish the drama even without watching wit family.
7.0Average, not memorable.
7.5Average overall, with some memorable scenes.
8.0Decent drama with some major problems (plot holes/ no characters development/ too much fillers/ bad acting).
8.5Decent drama with some minor problems (bad cinematography / CGI).
9.0Good drama with major/ minor problems but is quite memorable.
9.5Great drama overall but a bit lacking or not as memorable to become an all time favourite.
10.0Absolute favourite and would recommend them to others. Most dramas which fall into this category are those that I've rewatched at least once.

Not related but..... I am still waiting for Qin's Moon the animated series to finish.


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