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Hi! My name is Estelll, also known as LightOfErebus, and I'm a fantasy, drama, tv-series, games, RPGs, and nerdy books addict, and an occasional writer. 

I first discovered Asian dramas after a series of (happy?) accidents, two years ago. I was bored and frustrated after finishing what's left of "Marco Polo" Netflix tv-show, desperately wanting to watch something with a similar setting. Kublai Khan and Marco Polo 

After sending millions of requests for a third season that will never happen, browsing through my Netflix library I stumbled upon "Empresses in the Palace" (that is the 6-episode, abridged, Netflix version of "Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan", a 76-episode Chinese drama, as I discovered much later). I devoured it as usual, but it somehow left me unsatisfied, and filled with questions. Especially about the apparent asexuality of Asian dramas, as opposed to Asian movies - but I'll get back to this some other time. 

Some time later, I wanted something light, easy, cute & romantic to watch, after a period of reading very dark, depressing books and watching over-violent and complex movies/series. Browsing through my Netflix library once more, I found a whimsical little romantic Korean drama called "Love in the Moonlight".

Love In The Moonlight"A young Joseon woman who's lived her whole life as a man ends up as a eunuch in the royal palace, where she begins to bond with the crown prince." 

By the description it sure seemed light enough... And kind of silly, judging by the first couple of episodes... But then it hooked me, it hooked me so much that I started obsessing about it, thinking about it in my sleep, reading recaps and reviews about it on blogs I never knew existed, secretly fangirling on the OTP's explosive moments together, these kinds of things. It was my first Korean drama before I knew there was such a fad, my first Sageuk when I still didn't know the term, and the beginning of the end of my free time to do other stuff! :D ...It was totally worth it! 

After that, Netflix suggested me the similar "Hwarang". A day-and-a-half of binge-watching later, I wasn't ready to move on. I wanted more similar series to watch, but there was nothing else on Netflix (at the time). So I started researching online about Korean historical dramas, aka Sageuks, what's best to watch next & where to watch it. I landed on the Kissasian website, where I immediately created an account and started bookmarking lots of titles, that I binge-watched one after the other. 

Probably one of the first, if not the very first drama I watched there was "Jumong". Jumong

It was an epic journey of not 20, not 40 or even 50, but 81 longer than hour-long episodes (!), that occupied almost a month of my life, during which my family and friends wondered what's wrong with me, and what is this obscure and jargonistic thing I like to watch. 

...But little did they know of how wonderful it is, reminiscing of the old, epic classic Hollywood movies that the whole family gathered in the living room to watch. Jumong is a coming-of-age story full of adventure, swordfights, archery, brilliant battle strategies, foolish antics, wonder & mysticism, romance, archery (I love archery!), and epic journeys, with the (always yummy!) Song Il Gook as Jumong, a man that tried to find his place in the world to create a legendary utopia.

After that I watched plenty of similar (or not so similar) dramas, such as Queen Seon Duk, Empress Ki, Rebel: Thief who stole the People, etc..

Another milestone for me, and arguably the best Korean drama ever in my opinion, is "Six Flying Dragons". I still haven't found another K-drama that reaches its level of awesomeness, the no-nonsense, exquisite plotting of it, that not only entertains you, but makes you think, and stays with you a while. 

After watching Korean (historical) dramas exclusively for months, I contemplated watching a Chinese drama for a change, something that was on my mind a lot, especially after browsing through the never-ending list of wuxia dramas that existed. I finally chose one, and accidentally it was a great choice, and still is one of my favourites. It was "Bloody Romance". I'm still frustrated over the ending, by the way... And I'm still catching myself humming the opening song from time to time...

After a while, and by falling in love with Chinese historical dramas as well as Korean, I wanted to find a way to watch them legally, to support the creators of such masterpieces and enjoy them without feeling guilty. Unfortunately, the only legal site to stream Asian dramas available in my country is Viki. In there, I've discovered a lot of splendid dramas to watch, and still do. Lately, there's a wave of Asian dramas into Netflix as well. And some official channels/distributors of Asian dramas in YouTube have begun to get English subtitles as well! 

Please free to suggest dramas to me, or send me request / messages to discuss about dramas. Although, lately I have less free time to watch, and my Plan to Watch list seems never ending already... :D 

If you've (surprisingly) read all of the above, and still craving for some more of my written words, let me do some shameless self-promotion... 

This is a blog that I occasionally write short fantasy stories in (mainly in Greek language). 

Here is a satirical/historical fantasy/meta/pseudo-autobiographical webnovel I've begun to write. 

Also feel free to suggest articles or blog entries for me to write. 

Thanks for reading!! :) 


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