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                                                                                                   ❤︎ :  Gu Ting Ye and Sheng Ming Lan from The Story of Ming Lan 

     H e l l o   ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ 

I have a different set of tolerances for each countries production.

             ↳ i.e. I can ignore bad CGI in Chinese dramas, but can't tolerate it in Korean dramas.
I love family orientated dramas and dramas about relationships, growth, and sacrifices.

              But I watch dramas depending on my mood and will watch most genres.
        I am weak towards beautiful cinematography, sets, and attire.
              But none of these qualities can help me finish a poorly written plot.

      M y   R a t in g   S y s t e m : 

                           10.0 : A masterpiece! Every aspect was impeccable. (I don't use this rating.)
                  9.5 – 9.0 : An ideal drama; almost perfect in every aspect and was thoroughly addicted.
                  8.5 – 8.0 : Interesting and was fun to watch but lacked in some areas making it flawed.
                  7.5 – 7.0 : Average and was intriguing enough to keep watching, but not enough to be special. 
                  6.5 – 6.0 : Watchable but something went wrong with either the casting and/or the plot. 
                  5.5 – 5.0 : On the verge of dropping, but something helped me struggle through it.
                  4.5 – 1.0 : This was incredibly boring and/or I lost interest in the characters/plot.

     C h a l l e n g e s :

         Current Challenge: 2020 Drama Challenge 
         Past Challenges:       2019 Drama Challenge
                                                        2018 Drama Challenge
                                                        2017 Drama Challenge

     L a s t   T h o u g h t s :
        • A rating of 8 for a romance is NOT the same as a rating of 8 for a thriller.
        • My satisfaction and enjoyment do not equate to yours. So take my ratings with a grain of salt. 
        • I do not rate any dramas I'm currently watching because my opinion changes as it progresses.
        • I do not rate my dropped series, but you can assume dropped is between 4.5-1.0 (see above).
        • I re-rate dramas as I watch others in the same genre. So this tracker isn't 100% accurate.  


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