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I started watching dramas a year ago. Now I can't stop. Simple as that. Prefer Korean, watched some Japanese, but never seem to find a story that interests me. 

I can watch any kind of drama, I try not to choose based on cast, ratings or genre. However, I've sometimes let my feelings or self pressure get the best of me and I end up loosing 16+ hours of my life (my other self: I will never regret it!!!). 

I also have a fear of commitment (that's why, being south american, I've never seen the end of a telenovela), so I'm really scared of long dramas, but maybe in a far away future and if it's really really good, I'll conquer my fear and embark on that journey.  

What I look for in a drama is:

  • Character growth: Throughout the drama, i need to feel change and maturity, as well as some kind of connection with the main role.
  • Plot development: I hate repetitive scenes, or going forward and backward every few episodes, it just drives me nuts!
  • Closure: Not only for the leading role, but also for secondary characters and an explanation for everything that happens. 

Movies...I'll watch everything and anything!!!


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