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Big Dragon
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Dec 29, 2022
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Overall 6.0
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 8.5
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What on earth was this...

This series was so weird. It's like they had a lot of ideas for the start and then didn't care anymore. Almost felt like they changed writers and director half way through:

For example, it started so dark, like two men of the night that looked almost like mafia members, and then by episode 4 it turned into normal university students and the darkness was gone (the animosity, the bdsm, the playboy look, everything). It was so funny to listen to the song "dancing with the devil", like, Mangkorn was a devil for like two seconds? The dark opening was sooo funny when it came after episode 5 or 6 cos it didn't look like it belonged in that show.

Also Yai looked really masculine at the start, I guess to sell the image that he was a player with the ladies, but after a few episodes all I could see was a little feminine kid, more close to what isbanky is really like, which is fine but the change didn't make any sense lol

The s&m part was promising, it explained why he was atracted to Mangkorn, since they started with violence, but that dissapeared too. Also if Mangkorn was so atracted to Yai from the start, what was that about with the girl he was making out with on the street, even after they had a thing going on. So many things the characters did didn't make any sense.

The whole arranged marriage thing was stupid as hell. Like why would you say "hey i need to marry someone else, sorry" when you clearly have other options, and everyone is telling you that if you talk to your father the matter is settled. You're creating a problem where there isn't one. It's just bad writing to create drama. The whole thing was settled with a freaking phone call, it was hilarious.

The going abroad thing: so it was supposed to be because he was running away from the arranged marriage thing, even though it was such an easy problem to fix, but then he says that doing that masters degree was something that he wanted to do since he was little? Make it make sense. Either you wanted to run away from your problems or you've always wanted to go.

The flowers thing also didn't make any sense, why would you task your love rival with giving flowers to your boyfriend and not say they're from you. Stupidest thing I've heard in my life.

Also just a random thought, but mangkorn's tatoo was so very fake. Tattoos aren't that dark.

I kinda started this because I felt like watching something "spicy" but... the sex scenes... I don't know if anybody thinks like me but the sex scenes I think were supposed to be frantic like 'we just can't stop cos we're so hot for each other' type of thing (like kinnporsche), but they came out kinda clumsy and uncoordinated, awkward and all over the place. It was hard to watch, I swear. It looked like two horny teenagers who didn't know what they were doing and have never been with a human being before in their lives.

I have to recognize tho, that the scenes about yai's mother, and when Mangkorn was leaving, did make me cry. But overall I didn't like this dumpster fire of a show. It was like watching a hard dick get limp in slow motion. Watched episode 7 and went to sleep, and I've never done that with just one episode left in a Bl before in my life. I do not want a season 2 of this mess. I watched this bc I liked Mosbank, and they did their best with the script they had in front of them, but this mess is 100% bad writing all over the place. I wish they wouldn't do season 2 since there's so many shows out there that deserve a second season and I think Mosbank should do another project together that's better than this hot mess.
Only thing I liked was the cinematography and the music, but of course it was not enough to compensate all the other bs.

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