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You can call me Sora.

I am just enjoying dramas in the middle of my study. I just need to watch drama to run away from stuffs I have to do in my study and or in my work.


So I am interested in chingu challenge questions but I don't feel like to post one answer a day and my answer most likely change if I forgot about a drama... So I post it here instead :)

01. When did you star watching Asian dramas (year & drama & why was it your first)?
It was Oshin. I watched it when I was in kindergarten so it was around 1992-1993 but I don't remember what year I exactly watched it. I watched it simply because my mom was watching it and I got addicted to it that I watched it like everyday.

02. Favorite drama opening 
イチブトゼンブ (Ichibu to zenbu) by B'z - Buzzer Beat
I just love the song and love opening video with that song

03. Best use of music in a drama 
AJYSYTZ song (forgot the title) in Alice no Toge. It increases the suspense perfectly!

04. Favorite Asian drama OST
True Love by Fujii Fumiya - OST Ordinary People
Just because I watched it in 1996 when I didn't understand Japanese at all yet I love sing a long to the song and still do till today

05. Favorite couple in an Asian drama (only ONE) 
Kim Bok Joo and Jung Joon Hyung in Weigtlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (who doesn;t love them?)

06. Favorite screenwriter 
Kudo Kankuro
I just love how absurd the dialogue in his dramas yet it is so funny. It's so hard to find such drama!

07. Favorite fantasy drama 
Don Quixote

08. Which drama you watched for its storyline despite it having the actor/actress you don’t like 
Yokoso Wagaya e.
I don't really like Aiba Masaki but finished the dramas instantly and gave a 10.

09. Drama you watched till the end for your favorite actor/actress despite it being one of the most boring/worst ones 
Lie to Me. I watched it just because of Yoon Eun Hye but but but... (T__T)

10. Song you thing would be a great drama OST 
Gondry by Hyuk Oh ..? I don't know. lol

11. Drama character you think matches  with your personality
When I watched Hotaru no Hikari, I become aware that people called a person like me "Himono Onna".
People say my work is good and fast but they don't know how I do at home (poor my husband) :P

12. Actor/actress you’ll be avoiding for as long as you can in the future dramas 
Takei Emi.
I've been avoiding her in years. Is she still in everywhere?

13. Which Asian drama genre do you mostly like to watch & why? 
Suspense for Korean dramas because I can watch it together with my husband

14. Favorite drama screencap you have saved 
I don't save any drama screencap

15. Do you watch Asian drama that have a lot of episodes (ex. 40+)? Why? 
I did watch some but they are not in my top preference because it is too long and I get bored easily

16. Ideal type of female and male characters in a drama & why 
Both think logically and not angel type of person. I hate it when a character is too nice that it close to stupid

17. Your favorite confession in a drama 
- can't think of one; will back when I got one-

18. Who would you give the best acting award of all time to (list characters played by the actor/actresses which are reason for the award) 
Eita. For those various characters he played:
Annoying yet nice as Keita in Orange Days
Weird yet funny as Mine in Nodame Cantabile
Gloomy and mysterious as Takeru in Last Friends
Smart guy as Daiki in Voice
Nice yet hypocrite as Nakaji in Sunao ni Narenakute
Man with sadness and grudge as Hiroki in Soredemo Ikite Yuku
Man who talks a lot and annoying as Mitsuo in Saikou no Rikon
Man with anger as Satoru in Wakamonotachi
and a lot more...

19. Favorite manga/manhwa adaptation
Nodame Cantabile.
I read the manga and it was the first time I feel that the drama is much more interesting than the manga

20. What do you think about rewatching dramas? For what reason you would most likely re-watch a drama? 
Rewatching dramas is wasting time yet I do that a lot.
I usually re-watch drama when I can't find a good drama to watch

21. Favorite drama part (start, middle, climax, ending) and why? 
Start; when the writer has not think about comments written by viewers and change the story just for viewer pleasure.

22. A picture of your favorite scene in an Asian drama 
- to lazy to get one for now. will be back later for this-

23. Your favorite dialogues from Asian dramas 
I can't recite the dialogue, but it was in Kimutaku's drama Good Luck!.
It was when he is mad to the pilot because the pilot stop the plane just because of a politician. He claimed the pilot is not fair. Then the pilot asked him what if the one that need to land is a sick old woman, if he is thinking to stop the plane, then he is the one that is not fair.
I changed my point of view from then just because of that dialogue. Some people always hate politicians just because they're politician but then forgot that they're also human that have  the same right with all of us,

24. What are your top 5 Asian dramas 
Nagareboshi, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Saikou no Rikon, Love Shuffle, Kisarazu Cat's Eye

25. Favorite character (insert you favorite actor/actress) has ever played 
Favorite character Eita has ever played:

Mitsuo in Saikou no Rikon

26. Describe Asian dramas in one word 

27. The funniest Asian drama you’ve ever seen 
Kisarazu Cat's Eye

28. Favorite Asian drama(s) of 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 
2007: Coffee Prince
2008: Last Friends
2009: Love Shuffle
2010: Nagareboshi

29. Favorite thing about (insert your favorite actor/actress) 
Favorite thing about Eita.
He played various characters

30. Which Asian drama are you anticipating for the next season?
Code Blue season 3!!


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