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ソウル - 서울


ソウル - 서울

                                                                    Hello ^.^      

There is a special story that I'd like to share with all of you...

One day I was the luckiest person on earth cus I was able to meet Jung II Woo Oppa in real life without even knowing he was there or planning it. At that time I was watching "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" and suddenly PUFF he's there in front of me. I spotted him when I was in NYCat the Fifth Avenue entering Hollister Store and I though my eyes are playing tricks on me. I mean who would've thought I would see him right in front of me this meeting wouldn't have happened even in my dreams but it did and the funny thing is I wouldn't have had the chance of meeting him or any other actor even if I went all the way to Korea. Well, it did happen and I wasn't even in Korea that is why I was the Luckiest person on earth on that day and I still think I am (^-^)

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