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   Hello!! Welcome to my profile... :)  I watch Japanese dramas and movies since 2011. :)


My drama genre basically everything... I love a slice of life drama, also with a mix of fun, touching or suspense...!!  I watch dramas based on my mood which unpredictable and randomly coming ¬¬  So then I'll just go with the flow... If you happened to wonder about my ratings, I have my subjective ratings, not purely based on the story,  acting and cinematography, there's my lasting impression... ¬¬ Yup, that's it... Happy watching all!! ^^


This one is my all-time favorite quote:  

"Be absorbed. You should always be absorbed. It all depend on that. That's the only issue. In order to feel the weight of time that makes you slump over, you must always be absorbed. But absorbed in what? Either poetry or virtue. That's up to you. But anyway be absorbed. And at times on top of a palace stairway, or on the green meadow beside a ditch, or in your depressing room, you wake up. When you're not absorbed anymore, ask. Ask the breeze, water, stars, birds or clock. Ask everything that passes by. Ask everything that is sorrowful. Ask everything that runs by. Ask everything that sings. Ask everything that talks, ask what time is it... Then the breeze, water, stars, birds, and clock... will answer you. It's time to be absorbed."


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