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 I got hooked on Asian drama in DEC 2017 when i visited china due to work.
my first Drama was love o2o, i actually took a pic of the TV screen and asked the hotel clerk what show is it. she recognized the actor and when i got home i found the right show.
so of course during the search i happened to find MyDramaList and later on joined when i found i realy like the Asian drama and what to track and know more about it. 

it's a new year, new adventures, hope this year will be better then the last one...

2024: 52 weeks challenge

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2023: yearly challenge      quick ling Here 
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brand new year 2021: hope this year going to be better and safer as covid still everywhere messing with our lives .this year MDL challenge is in blocks so lets try to do 20 or 24 blocks (merciless/dauntless), fighting 

2021: 52 weeks drama challenge
2021:watch challenge

In 2020:  my 3rd year here.
i was hopping  to be able to watch as much or even more this year then last year.
 also hope to be more organize in my challenges and to see more of my watch list.  - i did, and watch over 100 drama's/movies this year.

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2019 - 52 weeks drama challenge

my first challenge - 2018  


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