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Washington, USA


Washington, USA

Hello Everyone!!!! My name is Ivy, I'm 24 years old!


KOREAN: Mother (10/10), Lawless Lawyer (10/10),  Life on Mars (10/10),  Thirty But Seveenteen (9.5/10), What's Wrong With Secretary Kim (9.5/10), You Drive me Crazy (Short) (9.5/10),  Eulachacha Waikiki (9/10), and Are You Human Too? (9/10).

ROUNDER UPS: The Great Seducer (8.5/10) , House Helper (8/10), Switch: Change the World (8/10)

JAPANESE: Todome no Kiss (10/10) , Kuragehime (9.5/10) and Haru ga Kita (8/10)

TAIWANESE: Meet Me @ 1006 (9.5/10)

CHINA: Sweet Combat (8.5/10)

MOVIES: Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (9/10) and Little Forest (8/10)

Sorry, I couldn’t find more Japanese dramas, Taiwanese, Chinese and Thai dramas that aired and completed this part of the year. If you guys have recommendations on dramas and movies that have aired this year and is available on Viki, Dramafever and Kissasian, please message me so by the end of the year I will more dramas and movie this year. I also have an APP called Drama (kind of like Kissassian almost (not as good because of no plot descriptions).

Also I wanted to find Filipino dramas to start, what would be good for beginner? I only have watch some movies, what other movies would be good to start.

What are dramas that I am watching- Currently Airing:
KOREAN: 100 Days My Prince, Hide and Seek, The Ghost Detective, The Guest, Player, Terius Behind Me, My Only One.

In Order of Like: Hide and Seek, The Ghost Detective, 100 Days My Prince, The Guest, Player and Terius Behind Me and My Only One.

I started to watch dramas in 2010.  Been into Anime since 2006 with Naruto.First Anime movie was Kiki's Delivery Service when I was about 4 or 5 years old! My first actually anime was Sailor Moon & Fruits Basket.  My first K-pop group was  Big Bang.  

My first Korean Drama was . . .

Boys Before Flowers.

My first Japanese drama was. . .

Akuma Koishite(but never really finished it)

But. . .

Hana Kimi was the first one that got me into J-doramas.

My first Taiwanese drama was

 It Started with a Kiss.

My first Chinese drama was 

New Modern People, Boss & Me and My Splendid Life

My first Thai drama was. . .

Full House Thai Version.

My Biases in K-pop Groups

  • Daehyun, Zelo -B.A.P
  • Taeyeon, Yoonah,  Sooyeong-SNSD
  • Suga, Jimin, V-BTS(I changed it because I actually don't have a bias in this group.) I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!
  • Nana-After School
  • Siwon-Super Junior & SJ M
  • Zhou Mi-Super Junior M
  • Kai, D.O-EXO-K
  • Minho-ShiNEE
  • Chen- EXO-M
  • Ken, N-VIXX
  • D.ana, Euijin-Sumamoo
  • Dongjun, Park Hyung Sik- ZE:A
  • Doyoung, Taeyong, and Jaehyun-NCT U


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