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Washington, USA


Washington, USA

Hello Everyone!!!! My name is Ivy, I'm 23 years old!

Here are my favorite dramas of 2017 so far(January 1st-May 14th):

KOREAN: Office Radiant, The Boy Next Door, Strong Woman Bong Soon & The Liar and His lover 

Japanese: Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu & Tokyo Tarareba Musume

TAIWANESE: History: Obsessed & Behind Your Smile

THAI: Kleun Cheewit, The Extroverted Humanist & The Single Lawyer

OTHER: Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me(China)

MOVIES: Frabicated City(K), Part-Time Spy(K)

SPECIALS/MINI SERIES: Indivualist Ji-Young(K), Kimi ni  Sasageru Emblem(J), Star Universe(K) and Queen of the Ring(K)

I started to watch dramas in 2010.  Been into Anime since 2006 with Naruto.First Anime movie was Kiki's Delivery Service when I was about 4 or 5 years old! My first actually anime was Sailor Moon & Fruits Basket. My first Thailand drama as Full House. My First Chinese drama I've finished was My Boss & Me. My first K-pop group was  Big Bang.  

My first Korean Drama was . . .

Boys Before Flowers.

My first Japanese drama was. . .

Akuma Koishite(but never really finished it)

But. . .

Hana Kimi was the first one that got me into J-doramas.

My first Taiwanese drama was

 It Started with a Kiss.

My Biases in K-pop Groups

  • Daehyun, Zelo -B.A.P
  • Taeyeon, Yoonah,  Sooyeong-SNSD
  • Suga, Jimin, V-BTS(I changed it because I actually don't have a bias in this group.)
  • Nana-After School
  • Siwon-Super Junior & SJ M
  • Zhou Mi-Super Junior M
  • Kai, D.O-EXO-K
  • Minho-ShiNEE
  • Chen- EXO-M
  • Ken, N-VIXX
  • D.ana, Euijin-Sumamoo
  • Dongjun- ZE:A
  • Doyoung, Taeyong, and Jaehyun-NCT U


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