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Hey Everyone! 

Welcome to my page here on MyDramaList. I am a 19 year old drama fan, included other things. I love to talk about my feelings and such things when it comes to Kdrama and the likes. 

I do review when I feel like and there I will say the things that I want about the different shows. If you find this interesting then just move on the the review part of my profile and read on. 

I am from the Swedish city of Malmö and have lived here all my life. Now I do dream on living and experiencing other places, at least for a part of my life. 

I have been a fan  of drama, anime and manga for around 7 years now. And during those 7 years I've learnt a great lot, even tho everyone around think i haven't. 

My favorite dramas, If you can't see on the side here, is Wonderful life, Nodame Cantabile, Master's sun, Marriage, not dating and a lot others. As you see I love all kinds of shows and that is the way i like it. 

That's it from me! Have fun and Happy Watching!



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